23 Jun 2022  |   06:18am IST

Students prefer co-working spaces for studies

More professionals have been using co-working spaces post pandemic. But now even students are flocking to such facilities for studies
Students prefer co-working spaces for studies

Shimron Nathan

The tradition of working in the silence of libraries disappeared a long time ago to be replaced by the new trend of co-working in cafes, restaurants and bistros. Not only do students enjoy the freedom of munching on their favourite snacks and beverages but also get to enjoy the ambience of the cafes. These types of environments have recently become more and more popular since the end of the pandemic which let students leave the confines of their home after a 2-year gap.

These calm and relaxing workspaces are strategically crafted by the owners to fit the needs of the students and other passing folk who need a relaxing atmosphere. Bhargav Sarpotdar, owner of Krunch Bistro, Fontainhas stated that currently they are focused on their food while also trying to incorporate co-working elements. Speaking of the benefits this trend brought to his bistro he said “ It benefits our bistro in a way where we get more or less guaranteed sales for a certain amount of time as most co-working spaces sell many different types of packages. Also, a co-working café or bistro, like ours, provides people as well as cafes more networking opportunities and social opportunities which eventually can lead to business development for both parties.”

Whether it’s to study for exams or to catch up on late assignments, students have now started flocking to a more food-friendly atmosphere where they can charge up and fuel their brains. Students admitted that they prefer the atmosphere at co-working joints rather than sitting at home or in a library. Rowena Rodrigues, student at Don Bosco College, Panjim explained the factors that really bring the crowd to places like these. She said, “The nice music and vibes, well-lit room, motivational ambience really makes a difference as compared to being at home. I also love the fact that I can bring my friends and have a laugh too or have a snack break which I can’t do at home. It’s an area where I feel like working. It’s so boring at home. It’s just you and your work with hardly anything around. In a café I can enjoy working while also ordering food and drinks.”Saisha Anand, student of St. Xaviers College, Mapusa appreciates the trend of completing her college work in more friendly environments. She spoke about her routine in these cafes saying, “I usually work on both college projects and my social media page, editing videos and pictures. Sometimes I also attend online workshops and webinars as the internet speed is usually better in such work spaces.” She also highlighted the main elements she looks for in these kinds of cafes saying, “I personally prefer working in a co-working setup or cafes because it allows you to work collaboratively with others. It is also a very cosy and comfortable environment where like-minded people all come together and work together.”

Not only do students appreciate the type of work environment but they apparently thrive more than compared to stuffy bedrooms and melancholy study rooms. Café co-working also allows students and youngsters to have a chat with friends and take music breaks simultaneously while they are out in their work hours. Rowena spoke about her experiences in a co-working café and how she visits to write her journal and finish up on pending homework. She says, “There is no time at home as I work with my parents and I don’t find peace in all that working chaos. I procrastinate and usually leave my deadlines like 2 days for submission so I definitely look for a nice comfortable café to complete all my work.” Saisha also shared the main elements of co working cafes and bistros which attract more customers looking for a similar environment to get their work-mode on. She said, “I usually look for a workstation that offers a quiet environment, good internet speed and a good coffee. Air-Conditioned cafes are ideal considering the humid weather of Goa. Co-working spaces just make the entire experience more productive and pleasant when compared to home or a library. As the environment and people help you romanticize something as monotonous as college homework.”

Manoj Shet, owner of Scoops and Shakes, Panjim commented on the trend saying, “Post the pandemic there has been a boom in all day cafes because of the simple fact that a lot of businesses, companies and start-ups have stuck to the work from home system.” He pointed out the various upscales that the trend offered his business as well as the improvements made for his customers. He said, “It has definitely benefited my cafe as it is a space where you can work all day and also take small breaks and unwind with various board games. What better way than to do so with a variety of the yummiest shakes and now with the monsoon season some delicious hot beverages served to you while you finish your tasks for the day. Not to forget all day cafes help people network with one another and even come up with ideas and plans for businesses together.” He added, “As for my business it has certainly become more popular because of its reach to young students, entrepreneurs, start-up people who find it at a convenient spot in the heart of the city. Moreover, it gives businesses like mine a chance to experiment with a variety of options for the menu and get on the spot feedback from customers so that we can cater to their needs to the best of our abilities.”

Indeed, the co-working trend will become more popular since working from home, starting small businesses, and freelancing are also becoming more popular and these customers are always going to need more spaces where labour doesn’t seem like a burden.


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