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23 Apr 2019 05:04am IST
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23 Apr 2019 05:04am IST

On Sunday, Herald Cafe started a conversation with the youth of Goa on their idea of India, their take on what they want their India to be. Today on the eve of polling in Goa we continue the conversation with youth in Ponda, Vasco and parts of Bardez We repeat what we said on Sunday. These elections are not just about Goa. It’s about the future of India. Whatever happens, the idea of India cannot be destroyed. All along we have heard politicians and political analysts. Today let us hear the real stake holders, the youth who will shape and live in the India of tomorrow.





Jobs and environment are key factors. Add to this harmony, especially among the youth

India is has vast agricultural land hence there should be encouragement to farmers. Young people should be drawn towards agriculture.

Start ups should be given incentives, so that the lack of jobs can be offset with better opportunities to start up your own businesses.

NRI students should be encouraged to invest back in the country by prviding them land and infrastructure



Education is all important and modern techniques of education are needed. We struggle for even electricity and water and yet we pay taxes

Highly educated people are moving out of India because they don’t get jobs in India due to reservations. Then “unity in diversity” has to be seen, or else it’s a myth. We can see many conflicts all over India , based on issues like, caste, region, religion, water of river etc

I would also like to see my India where women can walk /travel fearlessly at night



Barazan, Usgao Ponda

The biggest threat to the idea of India, is the lack of safety of our women and children. Women and children, not just in the cities but in the remotest of villages must be able to walk freely

Moreover the disparity between the haves and the have nots have to end. There is too much wealth in the hands of too few and then there is extreme poverty stil

Then let us ask, what is the value of education if we are constantly adding to the list of educated unemployed who pull rickshaws and work as drivers

Moreover something needs to be done about election expenses. Why is that only the rich and the very rich can content elections in the country whole the poor have no chance, though on paper anyone can content elections


Ponda, originally from Loutolim

There is no denying that India has come a long way since independence. The emergence of Internet has led to much advancement; technology and communications have seen tremendous growth and world is much closer today than it was even 10 years ago. But despite all these developments, there are many areas of concern when it comes to a day-to-day life in India. From means of transport to better job opportunities, women safety, infrastructure issues, quality of life, the list is endless. The youth today definitely appreciates the progress, but they do not shy away from highlighting the points that our government should be focusing on.


from Porvorim.

“The India we live in today is no longer what it was even 5 years ago. The growth and development is getting better by leaps and bounds, even if the masses feel that the government is not doing anything India is too big of a problem to be solved in one day.

The growth in the food industry and the progressiveness and creativity of the Chef’s are nothing less than of a global standard. India needs exposure and the right guidance and I’m sure we’re moving in the right direction. All I would say is that we surely must have enough and more opportunities for our youth so that we don’t have to go abroad in the first place.


chef from Porvorim,

Inputs from: Santosh Naik, Dhiraj Harmalkar & Aditi Malhotra

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