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01 Dec 2017 05:23am IST

Report by
Karsten Miranda

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01 Dec 2017 05:23am IST

Report by
Karsten Miranda

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Singer, composer and producer Friz Love has put words to the ongoing anti coal hub and anti coal pollution movement via a song called ‘Mhaka Kiteak Poddla’. Through this popular anthem, he hopes to create awareness about the coal issue, especially among the Goan youth, and get more Goans to wake up and support the cause

Over the last few months, the anger and opposition to the

proposed coal hub in Goa has been reverberating across the state. Against this backdrop, a young musician from Goa has come out with an anthem for the cause, a song that has been picked up by the anti coal hub section.

The song further encourages Goans, especially those who are not from Vasco or directly affected by the coal pollution to take up this issue. The idea was to create awareness about the coal issue and let Goans know that this could be a health hazard to every Goan as coal pollution can affect the ecosystem and moreover, Goa could stand to lose its original beauty.

‘Mhaka Kiteak Poddla’ (why does it affect me) is the title of the song and the group behind it say that it is aimed at those who are remaining silent and who are not doing anything to save Goa from further alleged destruction.

The song has been composed, set and sung by Friz Love and it has the traditional Goan dekhni Beat. The videography has been done by Mezio Fernandes and edited by Shannon Dias and cast comprises Friz Love, Mezio Fernandes, Shannon Dias, Kevin Pereira and Jackson Monteiro.

The catchy song is easy to listen to, with two simple verses. There is a reference to the late Fr Bismarque as an angel, appealing to the people of Goa to change their attitude for the sake of their children.

“Goans have become very reticent lately, with the issues that plague Goa, on both a personal level as well as in a community perspective. The unfortunate attitude that has set in is that as long as it doesn’t impact me or mine in any way, then why should I even bother!

“This song was made to shed light on the environmental impact of coal, which is hazardous to human health in our beautiful and scenic Goa,” says Friz.

A day after the video was released, it got over 10,000 views on YouTube and was shared multiples times on various social media platforms. “The response has been incredible and unbelievable, but the best response will be if our efforts can in some way bring about a change,” adds Friz.

This is not Friz’s first song or video. He has over 20 songs to his credit and hit social media fame with his own version of the Forca Goa anthem song in 2015.

He followed this up with a song on the coconut tree issue and has even composed a jingle on the coal issue.

When asked why he chose to reach out on social issues via music, he states that music is his strength and his passion and a great way to create an impact.

Beyond social issues, he is also known for his romantic ballads. A music instructor by profession, he has been composing songs since he was 13 years old. He has even released two albums also produced by him – ‘Tum Mhojem Sopon’ and You’re my Valentine’.

While in the immediate future, he has three songs that will come out shortly, for now he hopes his message is heard across Goa and one day, it is the song that is sung as an anthem for the anti coal hub/pollution meetings.

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