17 Oct 2020  |   03:32am IST

Talented Goan makes handmade guitar

Talented Goan musician Kluivert Menezes has designed and made his own guitar known as the Kluivert Guitar adding to the rich musical heritage of the state
Talented Goan makes handmade guitar

Team Café

Music is surely an art of expressing one’s feelings from the soul by means of singing, dancing and playing instruments. It helps to gain and not loose and inspires oneself in so many ways.

Music has inspired this young violinist, Kluivert Francisco Menezes, hailing from Sirlim, Salcette, Goa. As a child he loved music as a whole and was passionate about the violin. He studied Violin under the guidance of Fabiola Lopes e Fernandes and passed his ABRSM Grade 3 successfully and happily. As a teenager he participated in musical concerts organized by Fabiola. Unfortunately due to knee injury could not continue his next grades and yet did not lose hope. He gradually cultivated love for guitar and with time, maturity and love designed his first hand-made electric rhythm guitar simply known as ‘KLUIVERT’S GUITAR’ successfully in Covid 19 lockdown situation. Started working on the drafting and making of the guitar in August 2020 and completed it on September ’20 a month’s time. Kluivert has loved wood work and has all the tools and equipment at his Sirlim house. The wood used in the making of the guitar is Ashoka, Teak and Jackfruit type with knobs and plectrums made out of epoxy resin. The fingerboard and body has a smooth, neat finish with good tuning that facilitates a musician to play this handmade guitar with perfection and ease. The frets were a difficult task but consistency, patience, love, support from his parents made him to do it. Only the tuning pegs, the frets and the strings of this guitar have been purchased from the music shop. The shape of the guitar is very artistic and looks like a rock guitar.

Kluivert spent around 5000/- in doing up the guitar besides other expenditure. He now intends to do more of such kind and sell the later ones but not this as ‘KLUIVERT’S GUITAR’ is a memorable artistic piece of touchwood. The youth is an excellent photographer capturing nature at its full glory. He has been an innovative spirit since child doing robot, cycle and experimenting science positively and in practical use. A shy nature guy yet so humble, hardworking, sincere and god fearing Kluivert deserves a pet on his back, an applause and best wishes.



Iddhar Udhar