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Thapttak Thapott

23 Sep 2018 04:54am IST
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23 Sep 2018 04:54am IST
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‘Thapttak Thapott’, a tiatr written and directed by William Fernandes,

throws light on the suppression of investigative reporting by the media and exposure of superficial news. The dire consequences faced by those reporters standing for truth have also been highlighted.

The story revolves around Dharmasena (Desmond Cardozo), who is a freedom fighter and social activist. His son, Sunny (Sunil Naik), is a reporter and resides under the same roof with his wife, Meera (Ena Costa), and only teen son, Joysan (Jonah Barretto).

Sunny enjoys unearthing the truth and works hard as an investigative reporter, but his editor, Moraes (Brijesh Vaz), is unwilling to publish his factual news. After a heated discussion over publication of an investigative case, Sunny finally decides to quit his job.

Sunny now proceeds to Karnataka and after service there for a daily, returns to Goa. He shares with his father and wife his wish of launching a new daily. They extend full support to him.

Moraes returns to Sunny with another big offer, asking him to take it up. But Sunny unveils his new plan about the launch of his new daily and refuses to withdraw his new strategy.

Seeking support from his relative, Bunty (Natalino Vales), who is a photographer, he moves forward. And one fine day, while proceeding for duty with Bunty, Sunny is shot dead.

Now, who will carry forward the mission of Sunny? Will the murderers be nailed? Who fights for justice and how? What is the fate of the one fighting for justice?

‘Thapttak Thapott’ brings out the present scenario in the field of journalism, focusing equally on yellow journalism. The challenges and risks encountered by some journalists have been stressed. Except for some hiccups here and there, the tiatr was entertaining.

Desmond Cardozo stands tall in his role as social activist. Sunil Naik is apt in his character as a journalist. Ena and Melinda as spouse and inspector respectively could have been more emphatic in dialogue delivery. Child artiste Jonah Barretto is prompt in dialogue delivery. Mysie, Agnelo, William, Claster and Eliston have extended good support to the main cast.

Natalino Vales, Valerie Cabral, Reza Pereira and Piedade are entertaining and provide good dose of laughter pills.

In the category of songs, solos by Ena, Valerie, Pidu, duets by Eliston and Lizandra, William and Luiza, a duo by Eliston and Claster, a trio by Lizandra, Deanne and Mysie and a quartet by Claster, Sunil, Valiston and Berna were appealing.

The stage sets by Kapil Chari and light effects by Velanie Colaco deserve a mention.

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