12 Mar 2021  |   04:29am IST

The Gaur’s missed out but we have the ‘Brothers’

Churchill Brothers FC have surprised everyone this year with their performance in the I league, hitherto the top ranked football league of India. The loss in their last match may have muddied the waters but they have it all in their hands to win the I-League much to the delight of their fans across genrations
The Gaur’s missed out but we have the ‘Brothers’

The ISL ended in disappointment for Goa as FC Goa stumbled in the semi finals in the cruelest of fashion, the penalty kick. Will soccer fans in the state were watching this team play another team was going about its job in a very professional manner. Churchill Brothers FC are on top of the I-League. Yes, they lost a game against Gokulam Kerala but they are still ahead by three points. 

The team was unbeaten for eleven games and displayed a style and finesse that surprised and vowed their fans. Fans in Goa had much to say when asked about the team. Clesito Fernandes from Fatorda went nostalgic and said “Churchill brothers are an age old team with a great legacy. My dad was a former player with Churchill brothers in 1994. Once again Churchill brothers are shining on the football map, with 25 points and are table toppers. With more matches to go if they continue with the form they displayed, they can be champions of I-leauge20-21.”

Rodney Severes from Majorda felt the performance of Churchill Brothers had ben very good. He felt the loss could be attributed to a loss in concentration. And he hoped the team would continue with its fine form and bring some joy to all Goans. The loss of FC Goa still rankles days after the match was played. Salvino Gomes from Pomburpa said “As a Goan football fan we know that FC Goa missed the chance to qualify for the finals on penalties but on the other side Churchill Brothers FC is playing classic football. It is a dream to bring it back to Goa after nine long years. Let’s hope they bring glory back to Goan football”.

Football fanatic, Omi felt the performance of Churchill Brothers in this year’s I league had gone completely unnoticed by the general public. He said the team had always managed some great foreigners in their lineup and this year strikers Luka Macjen and Zuniga were doing wonders. He said “ It’s been a long time since a Goan football club has won the I league, 9 years to be precise & they deserve to win. But more importantly I would love to see them in the ISL when promotion and relegation finally start in a couple of seasons. It will be interesting to see which team the Goan football faithful will support then”.

Kluivert Barreto may live in the land of the EPL but he has still not forgotten his roots. He said “Talking about this season we have been performing good so far I just want to tell the boys to concentrate on the remaining three matches and win the remaining three matches and bring back the trophy to Goa and make all fans & especially the club patron Churchill Alemao proud”.

Conrad Barreto who travels to England to watch games has not forgotten the game in his backyard. He said “I have always maintained Churchill Alemao has a knack for spotting football talent. Zuniga and Luka Majcen have lit up the League with their Football. They have a really good mix of Indian and foreign players. The local Goan boys also have performed really well. The loss was unexpected and now throws the race wide open. It’s going to be exciting. Every Goan wants Churchill Brothers to bring the I League home”.

Rohan Rodrigues hoped the loss would not affect the players psychologically and hoped they stayed strong and won the trophy back.

After various attempts to contact personnel associated with the team, Frank Fernandes a former player of the team who now runs Instagram Red Machine 1989 answered the call late in the evening. He admitted the loss was unexpected and now their next game against Mohameddan Sporting had to be won. He said “The team has been playing very well with all the foreigners combing very well with the locals. It is in our hands to win. We have to grab that opportunity.”

One can only hope the team does what it is capable of doing and bring back the glory days of Goan football.




Iddhar Udhar