21 Apr 2021  |   04:43am IST

The Good Samaritan returns to give door step service to Covid affected families

People are emerging to help those affected by the virus and more volunteers would be welcome all over the state
The Good Samaritan returns to give door step service to Covid affected families

In times of distress, there will always be people who step up to the plate. Samaritans have been present right through the ages. They emerge when they see great hardship around them. The number of cases has increased dramatically in Goa in the past couple of days. The number of deaths in the state has shot up. It is not a pretty picture.

Sharada Kerkar artist and social activist noticed that there was a great deal of suffering. She posted online at night informing everyone in her area, that she would be willing to help them with their daily rations if required. And voila when she woke up the next morning there were two requests seeking her assistance.

She said “I am targeting families who are affected by the virus. The family will not be able to move around because everyone will have to take care. They provide me with the money and I go and buy fruits and vegetables for them. I am now on my rounds”.

Sharada said she expected an increase in the number of requests in the days ahead due to the scary scenario. She said “One of my friend’s parents tested positive but he is scared to get tested. If he gets tested he will not be able to get grocery. I thought I could do my bit.” Looking around at the situation, she said it was very disheartening and everyone felt so inactive. She anticipated the numbers to increase in the number of cases. Sharada said she would not be looking for volunteers now and intended to continue as a one man band.

Another person who is helping out in her own way is Vijaya Pais. She has been disseminating information about this service on her OFF Beat Goa page. She said “I have been informing people via this page and also requesting for volunteers in new areas like Old Goa, Porvorim etc. people are certainly responding. This will be a matter of great help for the needy people in Goa.”

One can only wish her and all the volunteers all the very best. Society moves ahead because of the efforts of people like these.


Idhar Udhar