Herald: The brotherhood of the young search for another ‘Bhai’

The brotherhood of the young search for another ‘Bhai’

19 Mar 2019 06:49am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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19 Mar 2019 06:49am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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63 is when political lives of some CM’s begin. For Parrikar it ended. He was the bridge between two generations and called “bhai’ by both. Café speaks to the young as they grope in their search for the next ‘brother” for the brotherhood of Goans

Yes we need a leader like late CM Manohar Parrikar. He is person who kept the party together. Now in his absence it’s going to be a tough time for BJP in Goa.

We can find a leader like him only when there is a selfless and dedicated youth who enter politics and take the charge in their own hands.


Physical Educationist



Goa lost a great leader on 17th of March 2019. We definitely need another humble, honest leader like Parrikar. He did what was best for Goa and catered to the needs of the Goan people. Replacing him will be a task close to impossible. We need to be careful and think wisely while appointing a new CM.




It is the love and connection to our Goan soil that made him serve India till his last breath. Manohar Parrikar was a visionary, an institution and not just a person. Goa longs to have another leader like him, a person and leader who had belief in progress and development on our Goa..


Young Entrepreneur



The whole country needs a leader like Parrikar, he was honest, simple, dedicated towards work, a good decision maker, brilliant minded, and above all non-corrupt.

It’s going to be a tough time finding a leader but search for him because we need such a leader for our future.


LDC Electricity



We need a educated leader like Parrikar who Goans can love, support loyally and respect. To get such a leader one should always be active, young and dynamic in social work as we hear the youth are the future of India. I feel if young people are given an opportunity, they can change the mindset of the illiterate and uneducated people through education.


Media professional



Yes Goa needs another good leader like Parrikar Bhai, because I feel Bhai understood Goa and cradled it like his own child. Finding another leader like him will be difficult but, I think educated people would play the role well and heir mentality should be open-minded where all religions, caste, creed and class should receive equal benefits.


Video Editor



Goa has lost a good leader and an able administrator. Political stability is one of the most important roles in managing the governance in which he excelled. Some are born leaders and while others become leaders by developing the required skill set like Parrikar possessed.


Young Advocate



Goa is a small state and there is very less access to the national capital. Parrikar had that charisma, he had that vision wherein he would get those funds and get the work done. It was up to Parrikar to have made another leader in is lifetime but may be circumstances, he couldn’t find a person like him, perhaps one will never know the reason why it did not happen. This has resulted in BJP not having a leader at the moment.


waiting to pay his last respect to Manohar Parrikar



We Goans surely need a good leader like Parrikar. His decision-making ability, administrative skills and simplicity has always inspired me. He’s a role model for Goans to look up to. If the politicians in power decide to work for the betterment of the people, Goa will be a much better place to live in. Hence, there is a need for having such a leader. Youth are light-hearted, quick-witted and educated; they would be a ray of hope for Goa.






Yes, Goa needs another leader like Parrikar. Where do we find such a leader, well that is a huge question mark? I think our beloved leader should have created a second rung of leadership. A good leader has to be accepted by the people and has to come up through the system.


waiting to pay his last respects to Manohar Parrikar in panjim

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