Herald: The evolution of marriage... through the eyes of the experienced

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The evolution of marriage... through the eyes of the experienced

28 Jul 2018 04:22am IST
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28 Jul 2018 04:22am IST
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Sathya Saran, a renowned journalist and the current Consulting Editor of Harper Collins, is visiting Goa to talk about the book, ‘Knot for Keeps’, an anthology edited by her. She will also be conducting a Master Class on ‘How to Look Like Miss India’. Café speaks to Sathya about the books and her viewpoint on marriage, which is the focal point of the book


Noted journalist-authorSathya Saran is the former

editor of Femina and the current Consulting Editor of Harper Collins. In Goa for the Empower initiative by Think Geek Media, Sathya launched the book ‘Knot For Keeps: Writing The Modern Marriage’, at Andores Resort & Spa, Calangute and today, July 28, 2018, she will be presenting a `How to Look Like Miss India’ master class on ‘Confidence is the key to Success’ with a focus on grooming, speech, communication and style at Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Panjim, from 3pm onwards, followed by a meet and greet the author session at 1930 Vasco from 8pm onwards.

Edited by Sathya Saran, ‘Knot For Keeps...’ is a slim anthology that consists of a collection of stories and perspectives on marital life by different writers on the evolving nature of marriages. The writers in the book include Sharanya Manivannan, Chitra Viraraghavan, Rita Mukherjee, Krishna Shastri Devulapalli, Prasoon Joshi, Noor Zaheer, Kalyan Ray, Harimohan Paravu, Deeksha Nagar, Modhurima Sinha, Abha Iyengar, Wendell Rodricks, Milan Vohra and Vijay Nagaswami.

Speaking about her decision to edit the book, Sathya says, “It is a compilation of writing. I was offered the chance of editing an anthology on marriage, and found it attractive, especially since the subject was evercontemporary and I had never worked on an anthology before.”

Working with Femina as an editor for 12 years, Sathya has come across strong women in different associations. She explains how it has influenced her perspective of marriage: “It has shown me the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, and keeping myself as close to who I am, instead of becoming a label or designation.”

Each writer has brought in a different perspective to marriage through their writing. Sathya sheds light on the themes: “There is a wide variety, though not every aspect of marriage can be covered in a small collection like this. Inter-state, inter-community marriages, long distance marriages, the cost of a runaway marriage, why modern marriages run into trouble so easily, counselling, rituals and their relevance, illness and its effect on marriage, when opposites marry, and the changing perspective towards marriage are some of the issues in the book. There are light-hearted treatments and serious essays,; there’s also a poem by Prasoon Joshi. It is an interesting mix, even if I say so myself.”

Noted Goa based fashion designer and writer Wendell Rodricks too has contributed to the book. “It talks about the issues that he has faced in formalising his long term relationship with his partner, Jerome. It is written from the heart, and is both eye-opening for many, and a moving piece of writing.”

Sathya is also the author of seven books including biographies on Guru Dutt, SD Burman and Jagjit Singh. She has also written ‘Night Train and Other Stories’, which was republished as ‘The Dark Side’, ‘My Daughter My Shakti’ and ‘The Legacy of Love. Fathers and Daughters’.

Sharing about her own marriage, Sathya mentions the changes she has noticed in marriages around her: “I have been married since my teens, which is a long way back. I think from my parents’ generation to mine, there was already a change. I, for one, did not take marriage for granted, and realised that like friendship, one has to work at keeping the partnership alive and fresh. Today, I think there is little patience; impatience sets in with its accompanying anger and resentment before a marriage has time to mature, and the partners have time to adjust to each other.”

While Sathya loves coming to Goa, she does need a reason for doing so. This time she had a strong reason and that is imparting knowledge through a master class. “This is the first master class. I have conducted such classes elsewhere, for other groups of young people and for working women. I am looking forward to an interaction, an understanding of what participants wish to know, skills they wish to hone. I keep the content fluid enough to work for different groups,” she concludes.

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