Herald: The judgement day is here!
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The judgement day is here!

10 Mar 2017 12:52am IST
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10 Mar 2017 12:52am IST
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The results of the 2017 assembly polls will be out in a few hours as the votes of the people of Goa will be counted on March 11. Café asks around, gauging the mood of the people in a bid to find out who might be winning

In about 24 hours from now, the verdict

of #2017GoaPolls will be out and Goa will

know who will form the next government.

The last few months have seen a lot of

action on Goa’s political scenario. From old

friends turning foes, new parties emerging

from and breaking ties with the seasoned

ones, candidates jumping from one

party to another to faithfuls taking sides

to lend their support to their candidate,

Goa has seen it all. Seasoned parties like

BJP, Congress, MGP are competing with

relatively new parties such as AAP, Goa

Suraksha Manch, Goa Forward and a few

independent candidates, to win seats and

the hearts of the people of Goa. It has all

come down to the counting day on March

11 that is going to reveal the fruits of the

labour that all the parties have put in, in the

last couple of months. The excitement of

who will reign supreme is palpable.

It may be interesting to recall that

before the polling day, almost all the

political parties had taken the aggressive

route to promote themselves across various

media channels, in a bid to woo the voters.

BJP had taken over YouTube, Congress was

going strong on radio, and the foot soldiers

of AAP had made their way onto the streets

and into the smartphones of the people via

WhatsApp forwards. The polling that took

place on February 4, 2017 recorded 83%

voter turnout. The decision of these voters

will be revealed on the counting day on

March 11.
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