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The long-term effects of parental neglect

The long-term effects of parental neglect

Pio Esteves

The second day of Kala Academy’s 49th Tiatr ‘A’ Group Competition bore witness to tiatr ‘Guneanv Konnacho?’ by Antonet de Sousa, which was presented by J J Production, Santa Cruz.

The curtains unfolded to a wedding scene wherein Cancio (Cancio Dias) and Yulette (Antonet de Sousa) and they share sweet nothings with each other. But presuming that Cancio is a waiter, Yulette’s mother Daffodil (Daffodil) and Father Leo (Edmund Dias) are against this relationship.

Leo takes his daughter by force and walks away from the wedding hall. Meanwhile, Daffodil handles Cancio, showing strong opposition to his involvement with Yulette. Cancio informs about his family status and Daffodil agrees. But news arrives that the father and daughter have met with an accident.

Leo receives injuries on his body, but his daughter’s head injury results in a mental disorder. Yulette turns insane and does not remember anything. But treatment continues from the doctor for slow recovery and apart from her parents, Cancio is always there providing his moral support.

When the doctor steps in with the next medical reports, he informs that there is gradual improvement in Yulette’s mental health and everyone is happy. But he also makes a startling disclosure that Yulette is pregnant.

Now, how did Yulette get pregnant? Who is involved in this nasty act? Who is responsible for all the mess in the family? The second half of tiatr ‘Guneanv Konnacho?’ unveils many bitter truths indigestible by the 

family members.

Tiatr ‘Guneanv Konnacho?’ carries a fine script with sleek direction and a good dose of suspense unwrapped only in the concluding scene. The entire play moves at a snail’s pace, slowly gains momentum and reaches its peak in the concluding scene.

The presentation throws light on parental neglect, child abuse and its adverse effects on the victim and the family. 

That greed for power and money can destroy the basic elements in family ties, have been brought out artistically on stage.

As guardians, Edmund and Daffodil have given fine performances, while Antonet de Sousa as their daughter displays ample talent in varied dispositions. Cancio Dias as the hero and Clint Fernandes 

in the negative role stand tall. There’s Francis Dias, Akash, Maria, Sam and Valerian supporting the main cast with minor roles.

Comic acts were brought in the main play and Flannan Pereira and Verl Fernandes as children of Francis entertained with some laughter pills.

In the section of songs, the opening was a choral, followed by two solos from teenager Mikhail D’Costa, which were appealing and entertaining. 

Two duos by Sadira-Liza and Maria-Marisha were thought-provoking. Vitorino Araujo and team provided good music to all the renditions.

The stage sets and lights were good, except for the right-hand side white file in the background which was distracting on account of its transparency when lights faded on stage. 


Iddhar Udhar