14 Oct 2022  |   06:07am IST

The secret to handling stress

The pandemic changed everyone’s life and no matter how stable a person was in their life, it was a time when the situation was out of one’s hand. With the stress levels quite high and the fear of losing near and dear ones, many people suffered from stress problems and suicidal thoughts
The secret to handling stress

Dr Roshan Kanekar


he pandemic has hurt everyone in the world, from people living in poverty to the richest businessmen, from new born children to elderly people, from illiterate to most educated people. Covid-19 claws have grasped the eternal darkness of the worst affected person and will continue to do so till the pandemic lasts. Definitely there will be light of hope, joy and opportunity after every darkness.

Just like trash, we all generate stress but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. Decrease use of social media beyond any career opportunity related matter as social media brings you close to those far away but drives you away from those standing just next to you. Include enjoying your hobbies in your daily routine as they are a good distraction from worries and trouble that plague daily living. If you are angry due to frustration of any cause just do deep breathing, try saying alphabets in reverse order, write your frustration on a piece of paper and tear it off. Have at least one friend with whom you can share all thoughts and feelings without any hesitation and with only mutual compassion and love. Decorate your room with photos of all the happy moments, some beautiful flowers and mind refreshing wall stickers so that in frustration you will feel fresh.

Have a pet at home, they have a way of finding people who need them and with cuddling and purring, they will fill sadness and anxiety in your life with happiness. Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day as a tired mind doesn’t plan well and before going to sleep say thanks for at least two good things that happened that day. Do exercise, have healthy food as this brings ‘peace of mind’ which is a necessity rather than a luxury. Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs as they are temporary fun with permanent impairment. If any thought of hopelessness, helplessness or suicide enters your mind, don’t feel shy to consult professionals online or offline.

Remember you only live once. Pandemic will end soon. Some people have lost everything in their life: house, job, family and some have walked hundreds of miles hungry, just to stay alive. At least, you are lucky to have a roof on your head, food to eat, parents and friends to talk to. So consider it as a blessing, do what makes you happy and believe in yourself.

People have risen from ground zero to do become great people in life, like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam went from selling newspapers to becoming an aerospace scientist. Cricketer Yashasvi Jaiswal went from selling pani puri to becoming the leading scorer in the tournament. Manya Singh, daughter of auto rickshaw driver, went from washing utensils at restaurants to becoming Miss India 2020 runner up. Their road to success was never straight. It was full of hurdles but they became successful because they had a dream. They forgot about all the pain that came their way.

Life will always push us to our limit and will test us beyond our endurance. But if you have a dream and a mind which is focused on that dream, you will turn out to be the strongest soldier in the battlefield of life.

(Dr Roshan Dattaram Kanekar completed MBBS and MD neuropsychiatry from Goa Medical College and has eight years of clinical experience. She aims to remove the negative attitude that exists in society towards mental health.)


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