13 Jan 2022  |   06:29am IST

The youth are watching and making decisions

The upcoming polls in the state have already created quite a noise in the state. The youth are taking more interest in it, they are talking about it across various digital platforms as well as conventional ones. Many were more than keen to present their views on the state of affairs
The youth are watching and making decisions

Ajit John


he elections are around the corner. The audio levels have increased and there is a great deal of speculation as to who will go with whom and importantly what will they all do once they get elected. In all this the youth of the state are watching it all with great interest. They are tracking developments, statements made by politicians and making decisions. They are also much more assertive and interested in ensuring Goa develops in a manner that does not end up destroying its flora and fauna and importantly the harmony enjoyed by everyone still remains strong.

Abisha Fernandes, a student pointed out that elections were very important but fraud was being committed everywhere, every time in the name of development. She felt not even a single politician was sincere and working for society. She said “We should elect a good person, who thinks about education and employment. We should not look at any party. Any elected politician should work for society and not for the money. I wish more and more young and educated youth will come forward in the political field and work for the society and betterment of the community”. Pritesh Patil, another college student, felt the youth were being misled by the power holders. He said “The young mind is manipulated in order to get jobs. We as youth should use our brains to get ourselves employed and not depend on such promises. Participating in the "festival of election" is compulsory as to select the right candidate meanwhile don't let yourself get carried away with "1,000 - 500" per day”.

Joanne Da Cunha, a young actress pointed out something that was needed so desperately by the youth. She said “I feel that the youth of today want jobs, but they also want to be enterprising and productive, and hence want an economic environment that gives incentives for this. Also, they would not like any communal or religious prejudices to be played up, since there is a strong fraternal feeling among them, irrespective of religion. As a young person, I'm not specific on which party I'll vote for in the forthcoming state elections. I just hope to see that the MLA that I elect is active in the assembly, is capable and does things as part of a 5-year plan and not last minute just to win votes. For instance, it would be sad to have a political party which would just do bare necessities like road work a few months beforehand to win votes”.

The very scholarly Moses Pinto pointed out that at present 34 percent of the state’s population was made up by millenials i.e. people typically born between the mid- 1990s to the mid-2000s. This generation wanted a modern and technologically advanced Goa. The baby boomer generation and the GenX which included people born in 1946 to 1964 and between 1965 to 1980 respectively represented a class of people who desired stable governance. Consistency was the norm and the electorate would always remain satisfied with Government inaction even though it was relabelled as a stable government which enjoyed the confidence of the majority. He said “With the advent of social media and instant digital communication propagating public dissent towards governance practises openly and freely, an era of modernity in expression has been ushered in, which now forms the basis for transparency in governance. This new generation of voters who compose 440 million members of the Indian electorate nationally, are decisive, discreet and by no means subtle about their demands from the elected representatives. An expectation which I have observed to resonate amongst the youth is the imminent need for E-Governance that is highly interactive and responsive to the glowing climate of technological advancement that Goa is witnessing at an increasing pace. Hopefully, with the upcoming elections in the state, the new government will ensure that it responds to the legitimate expectations responsibly and definitively”. Ester Noronha, an actress, felt that in the current situation it was very crucial to have the right kind of government to take the right decisions and run the state in the most ethical and efficient way. She said “Goa is in need of it more than ever. I can see that the youth is really getting aware, concerned and involved which is the need of the hour and a very good development. I too am looking forward to justice to happen and good administration to prevail this time.”

She is a beauty queen as well as importantly a teacher who has a ringside view of what the youth are thinking. Sevana Jacques pointed out that today’s youth was undoubtedly the future of tomorrow. She said “ The youth of Goa are looking for a change in the political field they want a revolution they want a change, there are no jobs, the youth of Goa are tired of unemployment, very few youth of Goa have diversified into business, many of the youth has entrepreneurial qualities in them but are not able to start their own enterprise because of lack of financial support, many Goan youth have managed to start their own enterprises and are successful in their new ventures, some have fallen prey to political pressure and have given up their ventures. Goan youth today is looking out for a government that will support the development of their future, starting more and more educational institutions in vocational fields that will prepare the Goa youth for life and give them new ideas, the youth of Goa want communal harmony that is and was existing for years”. The always opinionated Shimron Nathan, a college student said “The youth make a strong community when they put their mind to it. With regards to elections I believe the youth have very strong opinions individually and when opinions come together it makes a bunch of stubborn freshly graduated teens. Along with this assertiveness, my thoughts on these states' elections are always the same. I often think elections in general are like show-and-tell in school but the same way school gets over so does show-and-tell.” Well that was a glimpse into the thoughts of the youth in Goa. One can only hope they cast their vote after considerable thought. Because in that lies the future of Goa.