Herald: This is what we want! - say the youth

This is what we want! - say the youth

09 Apr 2019 03:48am IST
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09 Apr 2019 03:48am IST
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With the elections nearing on April 23, the youth of Goa have a list of expectations from the to-be elected leaders who will bring a hope and new beginning in the state. What do the youngsters think that the new electoral representatives should focus on? Café finds out…



There is whole lot of noise going on out there

as the youth of Goa speak on the different issues that need to be highlighted before the new members come in power. Today’s youth are dynamic and smart; they believe that power comes with responsibilities. Hence they put forth their list of expectations to create awareness on what the new electoral representatives should focus on. A number of issues have come up like less job opportunities for the youth, transport inconvenience, pollution and garbage problems, and mining. Let’s see what the youth have in mind.


“It’s a new chapter, a new beginning for Goa and chance to improve a lot of things. I would like the government to have a consensus, a plan and follow it,” says

Jessica Sharma

a Host. According to Jessica, it’s not only about the infrastructure of Goa that needs to be given all the attention, there are many underlying issues. “Obviously, the infrastructure is currently being taken care of, but there are other issues that are hidden and no pays a heed to them. One of them is job opportunities for youth,” she states.

“There’s a huge talk on how Goans are leaving the state and going abroad to work. Well, if that’s the case, then we should have more job opportunities here, especially considering the youth.”


Olavo Rodrigues

- Goan pop singer says, “I believe Unemployment should be the main focus. There are a lot of educated graduated students struggling out there.” He is also unsatisfied with the current candidates contesting elections.

Garbage Control

“I need new faces; I’m tired of the same Old story where no actions are taken,” says

Jaylee Katkar

an event planner.

Jaylee is from Panjim and she talks about her difficulties, “Garbage is collecting day by day and no one cleans it. If you want the people to keep the city clean, instead of giving long lectures on ‘Swacch Bharat’, dustbins should be provided on every lane and street, so that the bin is in people’s sight and they can throw it at that moment.” She even talks about how the St Inez creek has been ignored all the time and the residents have to tolerate the awful smell; during rains the water rises up along with all the garbage floating and flooding the roads near Madhuban. “So many fall sick during summers due to the stagnated water with garbage,” she says.

According to her, “In politics everyone takes ‘paisa’, but if you do your work properly people will always support. I am definitely going to vote, but I am not excited about it as I know the same old story will bubble up”

Non Corrupted Government

According to

Prajyot Verlekar,

Media person, a good leader is the one who is always approachable and reachable to the Public in a good manner. “My only expectation from the candidates is their image should be clean without any criminal grounds. They shouldn’t favor the rich criminals and law breakers by taking money from them,” he explains.

“I am happy with some Candidates who are young and active in social work. This election somewhat shows the result of Youth Empowerment.”

Unlike all the other elections, Prajyot is convinced that this year will be better as they have so many icons supporting campaigns and different activities to promote voting, instead of earlier where only the representative would put up their big poster at public areas.

Transport Facilities

Coming from the village Carambolim,

Jane Pereira,

sales associate at Delhivery suffers a loss of time due to the few buses available around Goa. “Fine, I get it there are Kadamba buses, and there are buses from Panjim bus-stand to Miramar and Don-Paul frequently, but in other places there are very few buses. When I was in college I used to get late every day, and now I get delayed to work,” she complains.

According to Jane, the private buses should follow certain rules where 11 standing is written, 11 should be standing instead of people stuffed up inside. “I have literally seen the conductor hanging from the bus. It also becomes uncomfortable for us girls who are constantly being pushed and touched by any random guys in the bus when it is overly crowded. I feel the government should make sure that the RTO looks into these details.”

She suggests that at least more buses should be provided so that it lessens the crowd. Jane hopes that the new candidates of the government will take initiatives and make things better.

Broader sense of development

“He should be a patriot, honest and work selflessly for the needs of the society,” says

Nivedita Naik,

Junior Engineer.

Nivedita feels that the elected candidate should focus on the overall development of the society, state and country. “Presently the development is restricted to opinions of builder lobby and streetlight. The leader should think beyond that such as solution for unemployment, they should have concrete plan to every problem and should function accordingly.

Nivedita isn’t happy with the current contesting candidates, “Because the candidates are chosen based on legacy rather than individual potential” According to her a good leader is the one who will take the people and the nation forward along with him; The one who will decide every action by taking public view. He should be for the people and for the nation.

While voting, every youth is very enthusiastic and innovative, just need to channelize their thoughts in proper direction.


Nicole Maciel

a student from Goa University claims that mining is one of the most important issues that should be looked into. No, not putting a ban on mining but instead initiating it.

“I feel the government should look into the mining issue now. Mining once used to be a booster to Goa’s economy. I understand it contributes to pollution but there are hundreds of people dependent on mining right from employees in mining firms to truck owners and little tea stalls. Today Goa depends on the Casinos and tourist which in turn cause more pollution. So yes I feel the new government should look into issues like these and help the unemployed.

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