Herald: Unsung Eco heroes of Goa, play the tune of protection

Unsung Eco heroes of Goa, play the tune of protection

13 Jun 2019 04:10am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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13 Jun 2019 04:10am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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As the roller coaster of the Herald- Drishti #trashtag campaign rolls on, we dedicate today’s coverage to the Goa’s local eco warriors who have simply decided to clean, preserve and nurture the Goa they move in their own way, single handedly or through movements and organisations they have founded

Bomb the Earth with Love

“Concern for the environment started around 20 years ago when I saw that there were trees being cut down,” shares Maendra J A Alvares, Creator of Big Foot. In view of that fact, Maendra then got together with people and started planting saplings of trees wherever possible. He uses many significantly

  viable days and gives it a nature twist, like Friendship Day and the project ‘The Tree my Friend’, and Raksha Bandan and ‘Nature my brother’.


“I believe that the youngest of our population are the most open to progress, hence I called them forward to Bomb the Earth with Love,” states Maendra.


Bomb the Earth with Love was a new initiative – a demonstration of how to make seed bombs for the locals and children from around the neighboring schools. The participants used correct ratios of wet earth and compost, rolling out the seed bombs and finally drying the outer shell. All the seeds were of fruit bearing trees like jamun, jackfruit, custard apple, bull’s heart, soursop, tamarind, kokum, chickoo, etc. The total was around 3000 seed bombs. These are being distributed to different people and guests who visit the Big Foot, Loutolim.


Million People – Million Trees

Goa ForGiving worked with saving the coconut trees campaign in 2016 and have now taken the initiative of planting more trees across Goa. Going along with this year’s World Environment Day theme – Air Pollution – Goa ForGiving in association with Think Panjim and Transform Goa have started a tree plantation drive ‘Million People – Million Trees’.


The team believes that with thousands of trees being cut in the name of development in Goa, there won’t be fresh air to breathe at all. “Goa has a population of approximately one million, and if each one plants at least one tree, it would benefit us and the future generations,” says Armando Gonsalves, Founder, Goa ForGiving. The people have already begun planting in few areas like schools, old age homes, heritage homes and even at government offices.


Arannya Environment Research Organisation

Arannya Environment Research Organisation was founded by a group of likeminded youngsters from Goa. The aim was to connect the young generation with nature. “We were in college and never had the opportunity to experience wildlife and greenery, therefore we decided to come up with a group that will help in preservation and protection of our Earth in little ways,” says Harshada Gauns, founder and president of Arannya Environment Research Organisation.


The group recently began a new project that prevents the use of plastic. The team goes around in groups and interacts with vendors and shopkeepers to avoid sale of plastic bags and other item. This year, Arannya has completed 25 such events.


Guru Bar and its clean up drives

Guru Bar has gone beyond their way to contribute to the environment. They are simply so much more than just a restaurant. Lately, the members of Guru Bar along with the owner, Swapnil Naik, have been organising many cleanup drives at different beaches of Goa. In order to encourage more people to join in, they also have entertainment for the helping hands. “We used to see so much garbage and plastic lying around the beach near our restaurant; many tourists told us about it and that’s when we decided to start cleaning up,” admits Swapnil.


They started with Anjuna beach and covered other beaches till date like Baga, Small Vagator, Uddo, and Chapora jetty. Swapnil expresses his love for giving back to nature. Looking at Guru Bar, many other beachside restaurants will be inspired to keep the area clean. Soon enough, Guru Bar plans on having an eco fest in the year 2020.


vRecycle Waste Management Services

Clinton Vaz expressed his love for the planet at the age of 15, by starting an online group called Green Goa. Today he has founded vRecycle, a firm that provides waste management solutions for households in parts of South Goa. The employees working at vRecycle collect household waste about 6000-8000 homes, which is segregated into dry and wet waste daily. All the waste is recycled except for few non renewable ones. They also educate people on how to manage one’s own waste.

“I was trying to solve my own waste disposal problem as in Benaulim there was no way to get rid of the waste, hence I learned to do it myself. Gradually, I realised there were many others who needed help. Starting this organisation is useful and helpful to all,” shares Clinton.


Clinton says it is important to segregate waste to avoid burning of waste, overflowing landfills, polluted air and contaminated bates groundwater


IF you readers, know of more such e o soldiers in your villages and towns, do write to Café so that their inspirational stories can be featured


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