Herald: VISTARA – Expanding all horizons

VISTARA – Expanding all horizons

29 Mar 2019 05:02am IST
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29 Mar 2019 05:02am IST
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The Goa College of Architecture, Altinho

was recently thriving with activity as it hosted its annual college fest, VISTARA ‘19 in association with the Department of Art and Culture, thus accomplising its 25th milestone since it was conceptualised by Ar. Siddha Sardessai, in 1994. The colours that adorned the college walls and installations hinted at the theme, which abstracted the term Aurora.

The event was held at the Goa College of Architecture itself and at the Joggers’ Park, Altinho. Both locations were lit up with installations that were designed and executed by the students themselves. Their sharp contrasts and flowing lines expressed the fluidity and modulation of the Northern and Southern Aurorae.

In all, the eight colleges that participated were Goa College of Engineering, Goa University, Government Polytechnic Panjim, Goa College of Arts, Goa College of Home Science, Don Bosco (Fatorda), Goa Medical College and Goa College of Homeopathy.

It was a plethora of ideas that were expressed through art, music, dance and design that were integrated into the different events testing the calibre and wits of the students participating. There were a mix bag of formal, casual and informal events that kept the participants on their toes throughout the 2-day event.

The first evening was lit with groovy tunes led by DJ Skeletron. The second evening brought forth on stage DJ Shaan, the first Indian DJ who began his journey at the Sunburn Festival in Goa and further went on to play internationally at the prestigious Tomorrowland held at Belgium.

The Goa College of Engineering emerged as the ultimate winners of VISTARA ‘19, bagging the grand trophy, followed by Goa University in the runners up. The two colleges also shared the Sports Trophy.

The valedictory function was held in the presence of the Principal, Prof. Dr. Ashish K. Rege, who gave away the trophies and prizes along with the Chief Guest, Ar. Siddha Sardessai, who pumped up the crowd with his cheers and words at the culmination of the event.

The term VISTARA means the expanse, and in the process of giving a spark to VISTARA 2019, the event definitely expanded all horizons - be it through thought, ideas or design.

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