20 May 2020  |   06:09am IST


A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death – John F. Kennedy

Ideas for Goa is a platform that not only reignites our economy post Covid19 but also helps create a Goa that is more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive than the status quo and is a shining example for the rest of India. This is born out of the belief real change happens only with free flow of ideas and bottoms up citizen empowerment. Herald was proud to partner the Ideas for Goa initiative. Though officially week long, the real work begins now. To take the ideas forward and convert many of them to reality



400 ideas. More than one a day for

year if each idea if thought through. With 32 ambassadors, the core team which came up with this idea includes, Mayank Pandya, Rajesh Jog, DS Prashant and Sanjiv Khandelwal, should be pleased.

The team will now analyze the raw data to identify themes and sentiments expressed by the idea contributors and people who have votes and commented on the ideas. These themes and sentiments will be shared in a visual and easy to understand manner with the public through the Ideas for Goa website and the media, social media. More importantly this will also be shared with relevant government agencies, private and support agencies.

The team hopes that the analysis will encourage the public, the government and the private and support agencies to take the ideas to implementation. The team plans to keep the “Ideas for Goa” platform open for submission of ideas on an ongoing basis as they would like this platform to be a repository of ideas, from which one can pick an idea to build a better Goa.

“Ideas for Goa, a citizens’ platform born out of the belief that real change happens only with free flow of ideas has re-emphasised that every citizen can play a role in the development of society. I am proud and elated to be a part of this platform and contribute in a small way towards the developmental plan for Goa,” said DS Prashant who has worked extensively in field of start-ups and incubation centers in Goa.

Rajesh Jog of Rajbag, Canacona said, “I am delighted to have participated in this wonderful citizen’s initiative for my beloved Goa. I have personally learned so much during the process and hope that our CM, Dr Pramod Sawant and his colleagues can also take a look at some of the ideas posted by Goans that truly deserve to be taken up during the next policy cycle.”

Mayank Pandya, one of the founder members said that, “I am humbled and proud to say the Ideas for Goa platform generated close to 400 amazing ideas that all have potential to make Goa more prosperous and sustainable. I look forward Ideas for Goa becoming an ongoing repository of innovative ideas that anyone can take forward to fruition.”

Sanjiv Khandelwal from Sensible Earth in Porvorim felt that, “Ideas for Goa has been truly an invigorating experience and just what was needed to help us move our thinking from doom and gloom to hope and optimism.

The idea harvesting and webinars have helped us get a deep sense of what people want and how Goa can turn this unfortunate event into a transformational opportunity.”

The ideas are in. It’s now time for action.


Iddhar Udhar