Herald: We saved the date, now it’s almost here!

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We saved the date, now it’s almost here!

19 Apr 2019 05:14am IST

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19 Apr 2019 05:14am IST

Report by
Team Café

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Three days to go! Goans have already saved the date of April 23, 2019 and are all set to vote. The future is in our hands hence the Election Commission has made sure to provide all the facilities for a healthy and comfortable voting.

The Election Commission Office is busy preparing

for the elections on April 23, 2019. A lot of work is being done to make the voters comfortable while voting, with a number of provisions being made.

Most of the locals are extremely anxious and excited about the big day. This will also be a new experience for most of the young eligible voters. Himaani Peta, a student who voted the last time is excited to vote again. “I think it’s the best gift that the constitution has bestowed upon us. I’m going to make use of my right, I think all of us should,” says Himaani.

The Election Commission Office (CEO) has kept a polling station at every 1 or 2 kilometres. Currently, just three days away from the elections, the polling stations are being fixed with all the necessary facilities.

Brijesh Manerkar, the Nodal Officer cVigil, 1950 complaint monitoring and facilities,

has been taking care of every tiny detail that will supply voters with complete support, help and comfort. A slip has been sent to the address of each registered voter, where details regarding polling station have been mentioned.

For public ease and sanitation, the Election Office of India has ensured that there are toilets for voters and the polling staff – male and female – at all the polling stations. The ones where there are no washrooms, a mobile toilet has been set up. People have nothing to worry about even in case of an emergency as there is medical staff present at all the polling stations. Apart from that, the Election Commission Office has also placed help desks along every path at the polling station, providing information regarding signatures, registration, etc.

It’s going to be an easy day with no pushing or squeezing in lines; there will be waiting rooms provided at the polling stations, and tents set up in case said rooms aren’t available.

Brijesh Manerkar asserts that there will be complete security, especially for an individual near the EVM. Anyone else apart from the voter is strictly forbidden. “Voting is a right and the secrecy of voting is very important. Complete security is provided to maintain anonymity of the vote,” he says.

The Chief Electoral officer of Goa, the man in the hot seat Kunal (IAS) is looking forward to a 100% election turnout, hence every facility is being provided even for the disabled and the elderly.

Taha Haaziq, the State Nodal Officer and State Election Icon for the Disabled,

has ensured that every provision is given to the disabled voters who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled and physically disabled. There is also a special allowance for accompaniment with the disabled. The visually imparted will be using the Braille form of voting, while for the hearing impaired, there will be signs. In fact, on the day of elections, volunteers will be sent out to all the registered disabled persons’ homes to assist them if required in any way. There will also be transport for the disabled and wheelchairs with ramps at every place. In the absence of permanent ramps, wooden ramps have already been set up at some polling stations.

The polling staff will be looking after the people and young NSS volunteers will help out in any way possible. Women carrying infants will be given assistance. The voters won’t be left unattended at any time except at the time of voting at the EVM. The Election Committee has requested people to read the instructions carefully or ask the volunteers for assistance before their turn to vote.

Every polling station is currently being developed and ready for the big day. Before Sunday, everything is going to be in place. All polling stations are being inspected to ensure that all the mentioned provisions are available. The Chief Electoral Officer has been keeping an eye on every single detail to have a comfortable election for the voters.

Election Icons wish the public a blissful and happy voting. “Take is as a day of celebration, it is our right and we need everyone to come out and vote,” says

Sonia Shirsat, State Election Icon, singer and musician.


Dr Meenacshi Martins, the district election icon, actor and Psychiatrist

warns and wishes all the citizens, “It is not a holiday, and we should not take it lightly. We all need to vote for the future of our nation.”

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