Herald: We used our right! Now it will bear fruits…

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We used our right! Now it will bear fruits…

25 Apr 2019 04:03am IST
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25 Apr 2019 04:03am IST
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We celebrated one of the biggest festivals ‘The Election Day’ on April 23. A lot of people waited for this day especially some of the first time voters and first time eligible voters. It’s their first time and with a spark in their eyes they share their experience on voting with Café.

A lot of arrangements made by the Election

Commission Office and Election Icons have received positive feedback. A lot of youngsters seemed really interested in voting because of the ways that the right to vote was promoted.

They were tense, but they voted anyway

Most of the first time eligible voters seemed confused and nervous in their first election.

Delia D’souza student from Panjim

who said she was nervous as first time voter had to ask her mother for help. She shares her experience, “Although I was excited earlier, when I approached the both I was shaking, there are so many things we heard and learnt on how to vote properly and a mistake can change everything, hence I was really scared and nervous, my mother helped me and told me what to do and then I went inside.”

Delia says that once she pressed he button she felt a sense of relief and then was surprised that she actually did it, “It definitely felt good after that.”

Voting is a big responsibility and can confuse a voter at times while at the voting booth. Some first time voters admit they were confused even after the guidelines provided.

“I was confused how to use the EVM seeing so many buttons, it made me nervous but I gathered my thoughts and did what I had to do. Till the day I voted I’ve heard about the EVM only in my textbooks or through word of mouth, but today I actually seen it before me. Maybe I didn’t manage to do everything rightly, but it was an epic experience altogether,” states

Verlon Medeira student from Don Bosco

who voted for the first time.

They had a voting adventure!

While some were trembling at the EVM, there were others who took the day as an adventure. “I wanted to get the opportunity to cast my vote from a very long time and now finally I have my finger tinted after pressing the button.”

Kreesha Rodrigues from Institute of Advance Management,

Nuvem seems quite happy after casting her vote at Santa Cruz she says she wants to keep doing this every election as it is her right. “I just feel so great about it,” she says in excitement.

18 year old

Sita Pun from Panjim

said that she was not nervous at all while voting. “I am aware of the modalities involved in voting, and I think the facilities were pretty good,” she expresses.

Pranali Mantri Don Bosco Student

says, “As a first time voter I was nervous and excited, but I was happy to see the arrangements made at the polling station. The police controlled the traffic as well as the voting procedure in a well manner. The EVM’s took time to beep after voting and so it was confusing whether the vote is counted or no. I was proud of using my right wisely and taking a step towards making our country beautiful.”

Eligible earlier, but voted now

Many first time voters, though young felt mature and responsible citizens. They share their thoughts on how this election has been for them. “Wow! 1st time I have cast my vote...I felt that I have become a responsible citizen...And I hope that I have voted a dedicated and a 

hardworking candidate who will work for the development of our country and will cater the needs of the people,” states

Rochelle D’Silva from Ambelim

. Another girl

Sheena Cecilia Pereira Student from Bicholim

who feels proud says, “The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have and for youth it is important to know that voting is a crucial, meaningful way to express yourself and support the issues you care about. That’s why it gives me immense joy that I cast my vote.”

“Finally!” exclaims

Jevisha Dias Devmoll Student from Quepem

. “I cast my vote and now I’m only hoping for a better future. It was an exciting experience for me as it was the first time I cast my vote waiting in a queue for almost an hour, but who cares, I was responsible and did my job well,” she adds.

And they voted again!

Simona Almeida Student at School of architecture

voted for the second time and she felt more confident this time. “This is the second time I will be voted and honestly I have the same happiness as the first time. This whole day is so special to me, it’s like the whole nation depends on me. Having voted the last time at St Michaels, I wasn’t nervous this time,” she says.

Mehmuda Hussain student from Dempe College

is a second time voter and she praised the election office for all their efforts as this time’s facilities were much taken care of then he last time. “I think this year it was much better and convenient, they even came to schools and colleges teaching us how o use the EVM and wait till the slip shows. I think India is improving in various ways,” she says proudly.

Speaking to more first time voters, some youth actually revealed that few of their friends travelled from abroad to come for this day and vote. Many youngsters also thanked the election icons for teaching them to use the EVM machine and inspiring hem to vote. The youth along with others await the results of their votes.

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