01 Nov 2020  |   04:33am IST

Wear the skin, wave the flag, and scream Força Goa

Fans of FC Goa will not be able to be present at the games due to the virus but still intend to support their team passionately. They revealed their plans to the Café
Wear the skin, wave the flag, and scream Força Goa

Ajit John


Ajit John


Being a football fan, especially an FC Goa fan will not be easy, because  voices of supporters will not be heard. Nor will they be seen. To make their support count they need to stand out on social media and that’s what die hard fans are going to do. Café checked out the preparation that the fans are undergoing to back their team

Social media can be used to cheer the team on.  We will support the team with creative posts on social media, it will capture more attention than ever. Making group selfie wearing new uzzo Skin of Gaurs, and tweetting #ForçaGoa #VamosGoa, and visiting live match screening spots can add flavour to the support base! Wearing a customised "FC Goa mask" would be a new trend during the season - Clesito Fernandes  student Fatorda


With no fans allowed we will travel to nearby hotels to watch the matches on giant screen to share the excitement

Loxley Dias, student Camorlim


Another season is here and it is time to rise again and do the Goan uzzo on field. Even though the match will be played behind closed doors, our spirit and uzzo will be the same. We will back our Gaurs by watching them take the field on screen with the same love and excitement We Uzoo Again #WeRiseAgain

Upesh Morajkar, Service, Chicalim


I will make creative and colourful posters with quotes and dress up fancy too by donning club colours. As a part of the Calangute supporters, I will also get a Tifo done for the main road junction

Conchita Goes Proenca, Teacher, Calangute


With the games being played behind closed doors and no fans allowed it's going to be tough for the fans especially for someone like me who has attended all home matches at the fortress since inception, but it's a phase and this too shall pass. Being a part of the East Lower Army and the team fan club we are behind the club through thick and thin and we're the most loyal fans of the club. This time around we can join in through live video call platforms and enjoy the matches though we won't be able to sit together, enjoy and support the club from the stands. But we will definitely cheer from home wearing our jersey and scarf’s with all the passion and love we have for the club, take chants and stuff and enjoy to the fullest

Kunal Kunkolienkar, Student, Margao


Being part of the official supporters club of FC Goa, the fan club has lined up many activities for the fans so that everyone can enjoy the matches in a stadium like atmosphere at our screenings which will be held in a bigger way this year. We will do the best we can to reach out to our players with our overwhelming support virtually and we e definitely feel we are going to be 3rd time lucky with Juan Ferrando and his troops enlist the coveted ISL Trophy this season. #VamosGoa

Omi Omkar, Musician Vasco-Da-Gama


This year the plan will be simple, wear the skin, wave the flag, and scream Força Goa so loud that it could be heard by our players at the stadium. Whenever our team scores am sure there's going to be a lot of noise, chants all around and we might be  experiencing the same electrifying atmosphere which we experience at Fatorda. Really looking forward to the upcoming season and sure this year our team will get the glory to Goa. Força Goa

!!!- Suraj Subhash, student, Ponda


As usual I will be painting my face with our club colours like I do every year and cheer on our and I certainly think that Juan Ferrando will do it for us this season. #VamosGoa

Vivek Kudaskar, Service, Bicholim


Every year I decorate my car with the pictures and the names of the FC Goa players and this year will be no different. I was a season ticket holder, but year as we all know  we cannot attend any matches despite the whole tournament being held in Goa. But this will not stop me from attending the fan club screenings where I will travel with my car spreading the love wherever I go. Forca Goa

Francis Clark businessman Margao



Iddhar Udhar