07 Aug 2020  |   04:36am IST

What’s COVID? - It’s doesn’t matter in Goa’s underground parties, alcohol, drug scene

The weekend was jarred by violence in Arpora when bottles, knives and other assorted weapons were used after a scuffle broke out between two groups at an all-night party in the area. According to eyewitnesses cocaine, ganja, charas in addition to the best -brands in alcohol were freely flowing. Surely, in the age of the new normal, some things remain very “old normal” in Goa, COVID or no COVID
What’s COVID? - It’s doesn’t matter in Goa’s underground parties, alcohol, drug scene

Ajit John


While the Arpora street

brawl exposed the underground party which was going on, it was certainly not a one-off or unique. The entire Northern Coastal belt stretching from Arpora to Anjuna, Morjim and Arambol has seen all COVOD restrictions flouted with absolute impunity with the police not doing enough for organizers of these parties most foreigners, to be wary of the law. On July 6 a Russian hotel owner was arrested in Morjim for throwing a massive party. Then in Ashwem, a big party was held in a stone quarry when curfew and Section 144 restrictions were in place and in Arambol, locals managed to foil two parties that were planned in the jungles. Is there no fear of the law that not only are parties being held but drug dealers and buyers are doing business openly? Let’s hear some local voices of those connected to the nightlife and hospitality scene

There are parties taking place behind my house at a nightclub every weekend. Over five hundred people attend it. Everyone knows about it in Anjuna. These parties have been happening right through the lockdown. I am sure the police are aware of this party but chose to look the other way. In the morning when I take my dogs out for a walk, I can see people leaving the location in groups. It is very popular; the organiser does not advertise on social media. He has his links in the system. I also know of an event planner who said he was organising parties and weddings and would be willing to organise a show for anyone. The sops at all these functions are ignored and we can see what’s happening in Goa-

Nupura Hautamaki, Anjuna

Many house parties are being held in villas and they are big parties. Most of the guys who attend these parties are not from my group but I have heard of them. I heard about what happened at Arpora. People who want to party will party come what may COVID or no COVID-

Dylan Fernandes student

Yes, I attend parties and we had one over the weekend with a couple of friends. There was another one with around twenty guests but precautions were taken with phones, bags all being sanitised. The house was big so it was not a problem. Before the lockdown, I used to go to clubs to party and yes, I am aware parties are still taking place.-

Ruchika Kavlekar, Panjim

I am aware a lot of house parties are taking place as yes also several underground parties are taking place. These are against the rules but I suppose people are fed up with the lockdown and want an opportunity to relax and party-

Adora Pereira, Old Goa

I am aware really big parties are taking place in Goa but it would be risky to attend because of the large crowds and the chances of contracting the virus increases. This is the status on the ground. I think even if the police come or a terrorist comes, people will still step out, it’s gone beyond control. People will do what they want. Ideally, a party at home will be great but if people want to party outside they will-

Siddesh Kavthanker Vasco

This lax attitude to house parties was due to the fact Goa was pretty ok in the beginning which reinforced the notion that Goa was safer. They should have implemented the protocols sprightly. I am aware of house parties taking place. No action being taken is perhaps due to the fact the cops are busy during the day and then unbale to move ot and check perhaps. With regards to the drugs, it has always been a case of there being demand which is met by supply. That has always been the case. I am not surprised by drugs being available at the party-

Sahil kumar, Vagator


Iddhar Udhar