Herald: What’s the solution for pollution?
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What’s the solution for pollution?

21 Jul 2017 05:40am IST
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21 Jul 2017 05:40am IST
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The Entertainment Society of Goa is organising the Goa Environmental Film Festival, which gives budding filmmakers the opportunity to direct a short film based on the theme for the festival, ‘Pollution’. Café speaks to Rajendra Talak, the Vice Chairman of ESG, to learn more

Dolcy D’Cruz

Goa is a small state but a huge treasure for talent

, hence

it comes as no surprise that just after concluding the Anti Tobacco Film Festival in May this year, Entertainment Society of Goa


overwhelmed with the response




initiated a second film festival

with a similar motive

. The Goa Environmental Film Festival invites schools, colleges and individuals to present their short film


on the theme ‘Pollution’ for this festival.




Kala Kriti organised the Goa Environmental Film Festival on World Environmental Day


since it was related to films, ESG

felt that it would be a great initiative to undertake as it

encourages film culture

and is a boost to

those interested in making films,” says Rajendra Talak, the Vice Chairman of ESG.

The competition will be in three categories


schools, colleges and individual category. The film should be in Konkani, Marathi, Hindi or English and should be produced by Goan producers/


roduction houses, Goan individuals, students studying in Goa and educational and social institutions only. All

non-English f

ilms must carry English


ubtitles and the time duration should be between 3-10 minutes only.

“For the last competition, we received entries from nearly 30 schools itself and we are expecting a higher number for this festival. The last date to register for the


is August 5, 2017


we will get a better idea of the response by then,” adds


, the director of films like ‘O Maria’ and ‘The Rainy Day’


The last date for submission of applications along the content on a DVD,


en drive or Blu-Ray disc with necessary documents is August 31, 2017. The registration and application forms are available on the website



The wider aim of the Goa Environmental Film Festival 2017 is to help represent the harmfulness of pollution through the medium of film


which will give a better understanding of the world we are living in today. Pollution in any form


like sound, light, water, air and even solid waste


harmful not just to the environment but the overall living conditions of every human being. Besides its entertainment value, the films should be educational for the audience.

The prize for the school and college category is Rs 10


000 for the first prize and Rs 5


000 for the second prize. For the individual category, the first prize is Rs 20


000 and the second prize is Rs 10


000. The two best films for each category will be screened and prizes will be distributed during the Environmental Film Festival

that is scheduled for

September 8


10, 2017 at


Black Box, Kala Academy, Panjim. The award


winning films will also be screened in other parts of Goa in


inema theatres, on TV channels, schools, colleges and other government programmes by the organi



“These festivals are very encouraging for filmmakers as it gives them a better understanding

about directing

good films with strong message


that ha


to reach the audience within a short screen time. Also, the festival gives the directors an idea of where they stand and how they can improve and go into bigger ventures in the future. We are also planning a Short Film Festival in January


that will

welcome entries from across the country,” concludes Talak.


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