Herald: What is my idea of India? Goa’s youth respond

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What is my idea of India? Goa’s youth respond

21 Apr 2019 05:42am IST
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21 Apr 2019 05:42am IST
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In two days, Goans will cast their votes to decide the two MPs who will be sent to parliament from our state. But these elections are not just about Goa. It’s about the future of India. Whatever happens, the idea of India cannot be destroyed. All along, we have heard politicians and political analysts. Today, let us hear the real stake holders, the youth who will shape and live in the India of tomorrow. A Herald Café initiative

“India needs leaders who are humane and not selfish. We need leaders who will only work for the benefit of the people and bring about a change in the mindset of all of us who think that our country is corrupt. The biggest problem right now is religious intolerance in our country."


geography student, Chandor


Yes India should be safe and Indian citizens too! There should be immediate actions and precautions to be taken on terror attacks like the recent one. Plus women in the country should be safe and given proper self defense training free of cost to avoid the physical and sexual harassment. Children below the age of 14 years to be given education and freedom from child labor in certain parts of the country

Every individual should be given equal and better employment opportunities as per their qualifications and talent! And it’s rightly said “Padega India, Badega India”.

India is a developing country and many metro cities have already been developed well, but some places are either wrongly developed and some yet to be developed like infrastructure, roads, hospitals, MNC’s and better surrounding to live peacefully in.

The government has already taken some steps where they provide loans and schemes favoring start ups and entrepreneurs. Now even the tax stabs have been increased, that benefits an individual.

I don’t know about MORE but equal opportunities to all; foreign or NRI all should be considered for job opportunities


Sales Executive, Panjim



Job Opportunities for sure. It’s an obvious statement that India needs to provide better employment for people and it all begins from education. That’s how jobs are invented in the market. That’s how more companies flourish, and that is how the need for employees increases giving every individual a better employment opportunity.

I believe giving opportunities for Foreign returned students is necessary. People go abroad and study they get a better and more developed sort of sight and views about things. They must have learnt effective things and may want to spread it here for the betterment of our country. So why not give them a chance? They might have the experience that most of us won’t we can learn more and function things differently


Hotel Management, Margao



India needs to be safer for women and children. Even though we claim about women empowerment and safety programs I don't feel safe with so many rapes, sexual harassment, kidnappings and murders happening around. Also there are thousands of youth out there who are highly qualified but are usually unemployed or are under paid. Better employment opportunities have to be created for them.

Nowadays people are more interested in starting their own business, so it can be really helpful from the side of government to give financial or technical assistance if needed.


Student Don Bosco College, Panjim



"My dream for my country is to be a super power with peace, prosperity and development, where people’s mindsets are transformed to embrace the depths of humanity without fear or favour, without the boundaries of race, religion, colour or culture. A land which is not raped of its natural resources nor is there a destruction of its environment for narrow selfish goals. A country where the resources of its mind, muscle and men work for scientific pursuits and develop skills to alleviate hunger, disease and poverty. I pray to the Risen Lord that my dream may come true."


student, Ambajim-Fatorda



“A safe India would be a good place to start. Safety as a whole – job, physical security, safety against discrimination. Also, in the name of development, everything's being destroyed. Smarter ways of achieving this development must be explored first.”


software engineer, Borda-Margao



“We are in a phase where the country is rapidly growing but we’re running out of natural resources to sustain that growth. Growth is vital, but we need proper planning to make it sustainable. Our cities are rotting and being destroyed by garbage and pollution. Better planning will automatically lead to better living conditions and better employment opportunities. Too much of our time is spent arguing over petty issues while larger problems are ignored. Our goals and ambition needs to be bigger than just ourselves.”


Football Development Manager, Porvorim

Inputs :

Neshwin Almeida & Nicole Remedios



To be contd:

We have spoken to many more youth . The conversation will continue in our Tuesday edition, on the day of polling



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