21 Sep 2022  |   06:08am IST

When reality comes on reel

With various issues rummaging the social fabric of life in Goa, it is easy to get inspired. ‘Xetkar’, a new Konkani feature film, directed by Tousif De Navelim and produced by Edward Terry, highlights the life of farmers who are affected by the builders’ lobby and the various challenges they face in real life
When reality comes on reel

Dolcy D’Cruz


fter the success of his first directorial film, ‘Bhumiputra,’ Tousif De Navelim understood what the audience wanted from Konkani cinema. With a mix of love stories, they also wanted to see the facts that are happening in Goa, portrayed on the big screen. Though the film was released immediately post the pandemic lockdown, it went houseful for several shows in Margao which came as a surprise even to the cast and crew.

‘Xetkar’ is written and directed by Tousif de Navelim and produced by Edward Terry. The film is set to have its premiere on September 24 at 7.30 pm at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. The cast includes Eddie Tavares, Eddie Ferns, Annie de Colvale, Yasin Shaikh, Liakhat Raj Shaikh, Edward Terry and Tousif De Navelim.

When writing the film, many things were playing in Tousif’s mind. “As soon as ‘Bhumiputra’ was out, I knew I had to start working on ‘Xetkar’. My aim was to write a story that would protect the fields and farmers of Goa. Besides the research for the story, it is so visible that huge fields which were green and beautiful have now been taken over by construction. I wanted to highlight the injustice done to the farming community that solely relies on labouring in the fields,” says Tousif.

The film has been shot in the picturesque villages of Canacona, Gudi-Paroda and Bharcem. “The film revolves around how a farmer is troubled by politicians and builders who work together. The farmers are harassed and then the case is handed over to the CBI. I play the role of a CBI Officer, Vardaan Rane while Edward Terry is playing the role of a minister. ‘Xetkar’ is dedicated to Goan farmers and Goa Police,” says Tousif.

Producer of the film, Edward Terry is having sleepless nights till the film is released on the big screen. “We are doing our best to make the film just as a Bollywood movie with a mix of different emotions running through the film. The advance booking is almost running houseful for the first show and it is a great sign for the film. As a part of the team, we all are having sleepless nights to make the film a success. We have a very special friend, Allwyn Fernandes as the DOP of the film, who has done a wonderful job. The editing and dubbing go the film is done at RR Studio Velsao,” says Edward, who has also acted in the film. A realtor by profession, Edward is looking at making a full time career in filmmaking soon. He already has two more films lined up, ‘Master’ and ‘Nyay –Justice’.

The music of the film is composed by Cajie Ferns and Sanyo Afonso and one song is sung by Lawry Travasso. The background music is by Edward Terry. “Another important story that runs through the film is based on the activism of Fr Bismarque Dias, who is portrayed as Fr Marcus in the film. The motive of the film is to give justice to Fr Bismarque and protect our agricultural land from the builder lobby and ministers,” adds Tousif.

With the International Film Festival of India being held in just a few months, the film will also be submitted for the festival. “We are waiting for the censor certificate of the film. Now, the film will be premiered and once the film is certified, it will be screened in theatres like Inox. We are also submitting the film for IFFI this year,” says Tousif, who is working on his next film, ‘Cindrella – Not a Fairy Tale’ and ‘Shiva-Ali’. “I want to take the Konkani Film industry to the next level, but just need support from the Government,” concludes Tousif.


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