Herald: When words fail, Music speaks… through the song ‘NokreTuje’

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When words fail, Music speaks… through the song ‘NokreTuje’

16 Mar 2019 04:49am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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16 Mar 2019 04:49am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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Konkani Music is known for its fabulous masala tunes and rhythm, breaking the record is yet another dramatic music video Nokre Tuje with Bollywood music producer Himanshu Chawla and composition by Sidney Soares and Silvina Lopez that has enraptured audience around Goa. The lyrics are penned down by Hortencio Pereira, a renowned tiatrist from Sanvordem.


After driving Goa crazy with their outstanding beats

of the Forca Goa Song and Goencho Carnival Official theme 2018, Sidney and Silvina present Nokre Tuje a hit belted out by the Shine on Team.

The song specifically captures all the melodramas of Bollywood Cinema and the cheesy chase between the boy and the girl. The quota is simple- a boy who falls in love with a girl at first sight, tries his best to express his feelings to her. But the Girl who is beauty with brains and well convinced of her self esteem does not fall prey to his advances. In her pride she keeps dramatizing her attitude that is known as ‘Nokre’ in Konkani.The song is all about feelings expressed with young love.

Goa being a radiant, blissful and youthful place, the song easily manipulates many youngsters out there with the melody of the song and expressive music video.

Nokre Tuje is the fourth single of Team Shine On. The music arrangement is very urban and commercial, that easily attracts the audience. Their previous music videosinclude I’m in love, Forca Goa Song and Goencho Carnival Official theme song 2018.

Team Shine On roped in Bollywood music producer Himanshu Chawla who earlier worked with Mika Singh. He does background scores for films and has won awards. Pradeep Singh Gosain is known for his fine edits and owns a post production video co named Postman he was the backbone of the entire work behind the direction of the video.

Sidney and Silvina believe in giving the best quality music and we see this in all their music videos.

Sidney Soares and Silvina Lopes are a Husband wife Duo, from the serene village of Loutolim. They have been singing since their childhood days for school choirs and competitions.

Silvina started her music journey when she learnt the piano and Vocals from Rev. Fr. Peter Cardozo. She later joined Fr Peter in signing for his choir and Lentenoperettas. She sang for different bands and is a lead vocalist in Shine On Bandcurrently.

Sidney learned music in the church music school and completedhis grades in violin and piano.He now owns a music studio in Loutolim called Vibrant Souls and is also the Lead singer in Shine On Band.

He pays tribute to beautiful Goa by creating songs that will be remembered always through their music.

“Goa is known for its beaches its culture, yet we want Goa to be known in the field of music too.It’s our mai bhas and we feel so special to do songs in konkani,” says Sidney.

After the recent composition of Nokre Tuje, Silvina admits that composing tunes and lyrics for Konkani songs is not easy when it comes to the competition level because a lot of people are already attached to Bollywood music and English numbers; especially the youth. “We put in lot of pain and efforts from visualizing the concept of the song to the planning the shoot. We have to take care that everything is perfect. We always look at the taste of the audience,” says Silvina.

Goa has no professional academy for sound engineering and music production. Hence, Sidney and Silvina have teamed with Himanshu Chawla to start an academy of sound engineering and music production. If all goes well Goa will definitely have a professional recording studio and academy with professional equipment for top notch audio experience.

Sidney and Silvinahave plans to start an academy for budding music producers. “There is so much talent in Goa. God willing we want to help startup singers to explore their talents,” says Silvina. Asthe couple has already launched their own studio by the name Vibrant Souls Music Studio in Loutolim, they will soon start encouraging young musicians and singers.

“We have received love from the people of Goa and we sincerely thank our friends and fans for all the support and blessings,” they expressed.

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