Herald: Who is winning the great Goan app race

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Who is winning the great Goan app race

10 Mar 2019 05:19am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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10 Mar 2019 05:19am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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While many of you have the Herald in your hand, many of you must be consuming this through our FB or Instagram link while still others may have clicked the link to this story from twitter. As social media has grown in Goa, the way we consume social media and the platforms on which we do so, has transformed. This Sunday, as you read this story, in print or online or through any of the popular apps, give your media consumption habits a thought

The irony couldn’t be starker. The reason for

Facebook’s inception growth and dominance has itself become an albatross. Too much of social connect, with people you hardly know, is now recoiling. Many of the very young in Goa are stepping back and toning down their all too public interface while remaining on social media

Aideen Nunes a young student and frequent Instagram user, admits, “I shifted from Facebook to Instagram because on Facebook I had people sending me friend requests who I knew but never really spoke to. In reality and as Facebook friends they remained there still without any conversation, so I asked myself -would I want to see pictures of people who aren't my friends? Why should I have to see posts of people who in reality I don't know that well? Whereas on Instagram I can follow whoever I want to follow and not feel obligated to be friends with random people .Even though I didn't have to be friends with people on Facebook I however felt obligated to…”

Facebook and Twitter have always known to be the fast pacing social networking sites. But, in the recent years, Instagram has been attracting more users day by day with its easy access and picture descriptions. After all Facebook and Instagram both are owned by the same company, yet they use different kind of algorithm to attract users.

Online forums say this about Instagram

‘It’s all about pictures, no nonsense’

Another person explains, “Ideal place for selfie addicts, because apparently living in the moment is not as important as spending all your energy in getting the best selfie.”

‘Paradise for photographers and models, can showcase their skills/ talents’

‘Best way for PDA (public display of affection) for couples, which is not that easy on Facebook ,as a random aunty would spot you in a picture with your bf/gf and it spreads like wildfire- reaches your parents- all hell break loose!’

However, as time passed, Instagram has become the new trendy app that most people enjoy using. While twitter has it’s pros of being an informative or a news platform, Facebook has become a business and marketing platform (along with WhatsApp specially with its WhatsApp for Business) in the current recent statistics. Instagram was mobile first - it started with only Square images which were a better viewing experience than Twitter. Twitter wasn't evolving & upgrading itself as fast as Instagram. However, twitter still continues to rule in the news space than Instagram. If you're in the news and media space, in public relations or in any sphere where communication is the key, then Twitter is your go-to 'weapon'. Only time will tell us who wins this race of grabbing consumer's attention on the internet.

Kurt Bento CEO of Creomatrix addresses, “Instagram lets you say a lot with just one image; you can have massive reach as it's an open platform where you can get really good engagement with the right hash tags and an amazing picture. If you want to become an 'influencer', who many aspire to be, this is a great platform.”

Talking in terms of Business, Viresh Vazirani, founder of GrowthGravy explains that Instagram is actively used by businesses & when compared to Facebook there are many industries which prefer to spend more budgets on Instagram than Facebook.

Instagram has been given the term ‘cool’ by youngsters, not only because of its pictorial depiction, but the engagement among users it promotes. According to Dattaprasad Shetkar, brand consultant, “Facebook and Whatsapp are still the biggest globally, but QQ, We chat, Instagram are also actively used. I would say among young people it is Instagram that’s popular.”

Facebook is still the King of social media…

According to Kick Ass Digital Marketing head, Anurag Gupta, Facebook still stands with 2.2 billion active users on daily basis compared to that of Instagram. “As a constant social media user, if we try to get more value than we create, we are bound to fail in social media”, says Gupta. Like other social media platforms, Facebook should be used to build community around business / services. Content should be on creating value for community, benefit to community without strings attached. In a nutshell, Facebook attracts Traffic users, and Instagram engages users instantly, says Gupta

Kurt Bento identifies all the other major social media platforms as important tools in their own way. “I think through different sections of society, when it comes to millennial or even those before; it'll be a tight contest between Facebook and Instagram with either one edging the other out. Both platforms have their advantages to be honest, although for very few, Twitter is a strong contender.”

Facebook however, has become a great business promotion platform, “You can really optimize your sales channels through Facebook. Facebook is great for building communities & groups. I have seen some big community movements shape up due to Facebook groups. Facebook watch is still trying hard to take on YouTube,” says Viresh. Normally, Twitter works if a user has followers and they re-tweet and reply. Twitter was recently overtaken by Instagram. “Maybe the Facebook link and marketing helped Instagram become popular. Facebook literally forced users to move to Instagram!” exclaims Dattaprasad.

Inside the Insta Basket

Most of the daily users of the Instagram site are teens and youngsters. The youth find Instagram more secure and entertaining with creative and artistic accounts to follow

Dattaprasad understands that not everybody can write, but almost everyone has a good camera phone and click picture. “It’s easy, also in a selfie obsessed generation Instagram does appeal more,” he says.

Kurt Bento adds, “I use Instagram significantly more than Facebook, but that's because I don't care much for cutting into discussions that turn into mud-slinging matches, which is what many do now. My alternative to that is swiping through Tinder or watching something on Netflix”.

At the end of the day, whichever app or site satisfies a consumer the most with its alluring features is the one that will be the best of them all. It is not the owners of the site who decide which online platform is the best, but it is based on us and our preferences that the app or site becomes the best.

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