13 Oct 2021  |   04:37am IST

Why not us?

The state government plans to ban the entry of Goans into the casino. Is this not a case of the State playing big brother? What do the people of this state have to say about this? Do they support it or feel it is up to the individual to decide? Everyone had an opinion on this
Why not us?

Ajit John

Why ban entry into an entity like a casino? If there are restrictions for a segment of the population it is equivalent to discrimination. If this law persists and Goans are treated separately, let’s use it as another reason for us to get a special status.

- Jervis Pereira,

Founder Digital Kwills, Mapusa

I would say this was much needed as many families had gone bankrupt due to gambling addiction, leaving a lot of families in despair, devastation and indebt. I support the idea of the ban of goans into the casinos of Goa!!

- Nadia D’Souza,

Student, Mapusa

I think there should not be a ban on Goans entry. It should be left as individuals choice

- Krishna Zore,

Working professional, Pune

It should be up to the individual to decide. If the state wanted to prevent gambling, they’d ban Madko too. It’s not about Goans, it’s about maintaining an environment for the tourists here.

- Shreeya Kudchadkar,

Student, Margao

Yeah I suppose it’s an individual’s choice!! While I think this Will also have a little advantage as it will save Goans money from being in losses. Still it should be a choice I feel.

- Gunjann Haldankar,

Student, Aldona

In my opinion, this so-called issue of ban on entry into the casino for Goans is the total hypocrisy of our state govt. If it is wise for Goans, it is fair for everyone, the government needs to grow.

- Sabira Shaikh,

Vasco, Student

It first started in Mumbai during the British raj. The Breach Candy swimming club put up a notice saying ‘Indians and dogs not allowed’, Banning Goans from entering any place in Goa amounts to the same notice.

- Colin D’Cruz,

Musician, Sangolda

I’m anti-casino period ....so I say ban the casinos altogether ...The ecosystem of the Mandovi river is being destroyed at the cost of rolling in money ....remove the casino boats!

- Miriam Koshy,

Artist, Panjim

Casino entry is banned for Goans is quite a vague decision. If given a reason that it is better for Goans to be away from any Vices, then we as Goans cannot be the source of vices to fellow men. In my opinion,if casinos operate in Goa, then it should be open for Goans and they should make their decision whether to enter or not.

- Dr.Annie Gomes,

Educationist, Mapusa

When the people outside the state (tourists) can enter any commercial space, like shopping malls, clubs casino’s, then why are Goans banned in commercial spaces like the casino’s? Goans don’t pay for the entry pass? Goans are not eligible for entering such premises? These types of businesses which are not allowing Goans to enter, and if they allow tourists to enter, they should clearly put up the board outside their premises stating why they are doing so? Whether Goans are not fit for their casino businesses? Or something illegal is going on inside closed doors, which they don’t want the locals of Goa to know about. If it’s open for tourists, every Goan also should get the same respectful treatment anywhere in any commercial spaces in Goa.

- Harish Malvankar,

Artist, Vagator

Everything that happens in Goa impacts the younger population. Tourism, drugs, clamp downs and casino culture. I know anxious young parents who have shifted to Mumbai to allow the best atmosphere for the education of their children. One parent retorted that he would not like to expose young children to the combined atmosphere of Las Vegas and Pattaya.

- Anoop Babani,

Former journalist and now an avid Cyclist, Carmona

Casinos are important for Goa’s economy. However this sort of moral policing makes no sense. It can be one’s opinion that locals shouldn’t gamble, but India, fortunately, is not run on opinions. We have a constitution. However the State has decided and it is upto the people to know whether to feel offended by the dictatorial attitude of the State administration or fight for a State that respects people’s free will and intelligence. This is just one of the many decisions imposed against freewill.

- Shruti Chaturvedi,

Media Entrepreneur, Panjim

I feel it’s up to the individual to decide as we all know every action has an equal & opposite reaction & this is the same with casinos as it promotes a vice.

- Agnes Pinto,

Social Media Monitoring Head in an organization, Vasco da Gama

Casinos in Goa are the state’s new attractions, pulling domestic and foreign tourists to visit the state which has generated major chunk cash flow for the government treasury and boosted tourism as well as created employment opportunities after the closure of the mining industry. The key disadvantage is that for some people, gambling can be addictive. But as an individual I personally feel just like gaining the right to vote on attaining the age of 18, an age limit can be set for individuals as it is each individuals choice afterall, if played responsibly and by setting spending limits gambling can be a highly fulfilling pastime to engage in.

- Vikram Verlekar,

Jeweler, Margao

Locals, I believe, rarely go to casinos and prefer to engage in other sorts of illegal gambling. Goans are well-versed in where they may place their bets, therefore the restriction would have little impact. Furthermore, the restriction may trigger a cascade of bad consequences, such as an increase in fake id creation, the establishment of channels for unlawful entry and corruption.

I believe it will be tough for authorities to combat this ban.

- Anjali Gupta,

Communication Consultant, Panjim