Herald: Winning accolades before the big screen release

Winning accolades before the big screen release

06 Feb 2018 06:50am IST
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06 Feb 2018 06:50am IST
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Konkani film ‘7 Dayz’ is set to release in April in Goa but it has already made its mark in the festival scene. Director Joywin Fernandes recently won the award for Best Story of a Regional Film at the 4th Rajasthan International Film Festival. Café speaks to Joywin about the film and the importance of the award for his cast and crew



“I felt very proud while walking up

to the stage to receive the award. It gave me immense satisfaction that our hard work of two years has paid off,” says Joywin Fernandes, the director of ‘7 Dayz’, a Konkani feature film. The film recently won the award for Best Story of a Regional Film at the 4th Rajasthan International Film Festival. The film has been produced by Rocky D’Souza. “The film is about what a common man goes through in life. There are four prominent characters in the film, who take the Chief Minister of the state hostage for seven days. What happens in those seven days and what they do with the CM is the main plot of the film,” explains Joywin.

“My previous film ‘MMS’ had won the best regional film award at the 2nd Rajasthan International Film Festival and this year, I thought of submitting ‘7 Dayz’. The background music for the film was not complete so I finished the same in a quick sitting with with the music director and submitted the film on time. I received a call from the festival organisers informing me that my film is nominated for this award. I was not expecting any awards as the film was not entirely complete but we still won an award, which is an amazing boost for us. Our film is not yet in theatres and we have already received our first award,” say Joywin, a resident of Sancoale.

Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF), Jaipur, is the biggest film festival in Rajasthan. The five-day extravaganza showcases a diverse, language independent selection of feature films, documentaries and short films from around the world, on themes of Hindi and English. In the regional film awards, Marathi film ‘Doctor Rukhmabai’ won Best Regional Film and Ananth Narayan Mahadevan won Best Director for the same film.

The cast for ‘7 Dayz’ includes Anand Jog, Prince Jacob, Kevin D’Mello, Rajdeep Naik, Sonam Morajkar, John D’Silva, Satish Gawas and Comedian Agustinho. The story and dialogues are by Joywin while Atmaram Sawant is the editor, Rocky Wilz is the cinematographer, Frazer Pacheco is the music director and Alfin Fernandes has done the SFX. Veteran theatre and film actor Anant Jog is making his debut in Konkani cinema with this film and he was excited to learn Konkani on the sets.

Joywin adds, “The story of the film is really good as it shows the frustration of the common man and how these four people come together because of this frustration. Most of the story is put together because of the news items that appear on the newspaper every day. There is so much tragic and bad news coming out of a small state and so many cases that go unsolved. The story is very relatable to every Goan. Two years in the making, ‘7 Dayz’ promises to have everything from drama to comedy to action for Konkani movie lovers.”

Joywin has been in the film industry for the last 15 years and has directed 11 films, starting with ‘Chint Munxea Vogot Astana’ in 2003. “Many of my films have run in theatres, however seven of the first films were not censored as that time it was not compulsory for films to be censored before screening. The rest of the feature films were censored and screened in Goa, including ‘MMS’,” he says. Joywin has worked on various aspects of filmmaking, including editing, direction of photography, story writing, production and direction.

Speaking about how his filmmaking style has evolved over the years, he says, “Technically, I now present my films very differently. Earlier, it was more like tiatr acting in a film. Over the years, I have built on my experience and have started showcasing films in a different way. Since my films are now going around the world, they should be presentable at an international level as they represent the way we make films in India. I have to raise the standards on the big screen.”

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