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Wonder Women explore the beyond

17 Apr 2019 03:26am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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17 Apr 2019 03:26am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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Boxing icon Mary Kom had everyone on their feet by surprising the crowd at Goa Fest 2019 singing the popular Alanis Morissete song, ‘What’s going on?!’ like a professional artiste. Apart from being an Olympic boxer she showed her passion for singing. Similarly there are many women out there in Goa exploring their potentiality and embracing various talents and passion.

Rani Malhotra is the proprietor The Road Show

Collections and also runs a catering business The Twisted food tales. From a very young age, Rani always dreamed of having a boutique. Learning and training with international designers she finally decided to open her own Boutique. According to her, a woman’s life doesn’t stop after getting married and having kids, you can dream bigger and doing many more things. Since a very long time people kept complimenting her on the delicious food she prepared, and Rani didn’t say no! She took it as an encouragement and carried forward her art of cooking into a catering business that she now gloriously runs.

After spending her time in these two jobs, Rani says she always had the urge to write about various subjects but never really had the time because of her busy schedule. Soon enough once she gets a chance and a pen in her hand she would definitely go for it and explore her writing skills. “I believe a woman should be independent but shouldn’t take advantage of her independence,” says Rani. She has always admired Indira Gandhi as a strong and powerful woman and till today is inspired by her wit, style, wisdom, and independence.

Rosy D’Silva Estibeiro

is an artist by profession, but ultimately one cannot rely only on their passion like painting or music, hence Rosy took a profession as a teacher to earn well and then invest the same in her art. Apart from that she is also a creative photographer nd enjoys all her jobs equally. “Though stressed out t times, especially since I’m also a mother, I have learned to figure it out nd dedicate my time o everything,” she says.

Rosy admits that she would give anything dance and be a dancer, “I’ve always loved dancing and won many competitions too, I would love to carry it forward; after getting married I haven’t danced like a proper dancer in a very long time”

Rosy believes that in today’ world though women have conquered the world in many homes they are still suppressed not to work. “I am happy and blessed, and would love to encourage many more to explore their talents” she says

Sinéad McManus

has been living in Goa for 12 years now and has inspired and influenced several people around her. She heads the UK edition for Nat Geo in India and is also a passionate fitness freak and a lifestyle blogger. Although traveling and food go hand in hand, Sinéad doesn’t compromise when it comes to maintaining her fitness and health, because of which she has influenced many Goans. At one point where she is a prim and proper poised writer on the other hand she literally is a tough nut to crack. “I cannot write everything in the magazine since its limited, therefore I write whatever I cannot in my blogs, as it gives me a chance to explore more things and put in all my thoughts” she says.

Everybody knows

Dr Meenacshi Martins,

a fine Actress and a skilled Psychiatrist; currently she is the Chairperson of Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place. Dr Martins always wanted to be an actress and has a deep love for it, although she did fulfill her parents’ dream of becoming a Doctor and Psychiatrist. She is always engaged into a lot of social work and says that it’s in her genes.

“When asked upon whom I look up to I always say my mother Dr Esmina Gomes. She was an incredible woman, a great doctor and gifted with music and art talents. I have inherited all this from her and learned o be an independent woman,” says Dr Martins. She believes that very girl should be educated enough to be financially independent and focus on a goal in life.

Finally, when a woman has to really do something in life it all comes down to educating her and lifting her up so that she can explore a million things and rule the world.

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