Herald: Working in Amchem Goem, is the best for women across the board

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Working in Amchem Goem, is the best for women across the board

08 Mar 2019 04:19am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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08 Mar 2019 04:19am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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In the bustling bazaars, in the teeming tintos, in banks and offices and in hotels and restaurants, in cafes and art galleries, in schools and colleges and in businesses of their own, women are comfortable owners of their individual spaces. While this should be a given in any civilized society, it isn’t quite that in many parts of India Goa clearly offers a work environment for women like very few cities in India do. Cafe speaks to women across age groups and professions in how it feels to work in Goa. On women’s day, we on behalf of the women of Goa also pay tribute to one of Goa’s greatest son’s Mario Miranda and publish, on one his iconic illustrations ‘The Market place’ which depicts women who may not go to an office but do work, our fisherwomen and also those who buy from them to keep their loved ones well fed. Cheers to the women who run our homes.

Over to the ladies:‘I feel mentally and morally secure’

Metro cities have their own advantages of working with good infrastructure, funds, manpower, skills, etc. But, I personally feel it’s better to work in places like Goa, that gives you a good opportunity to have a perfect work-life balance. It’s hassle-free for women in a way that there is more trust among the local people; the culture is more welcoming, easier to focus on the right things and not be preoccupied with competition/ commute/ safety, etc.

Of course, Goa has its own challenges but they’re at a different scale and the people here are simply just good people. Plus you see more women as you move around, and it creates a strong sense of belonging. I remember when I was working on getting my company registered here; I had help from everyone, right from the guy who sold me the stamp paper to the guy delivering the PAN card. This gives a sense of safety from a very different angle, it’s more of mental and morale security, it’s a strong sense of community and collective growth.

Zhen Paintal

Co-founder at Inspire Crew, India

Sr. Community Manager at 91springboard, Panjim

Goa is non threatening and non- judgmental

Goan society combines a non-judgmental cultural respect for women with a matter-of-fact acceptance of us in any situation - working or otherwise. Ths should be a given but it’s not in many parts of India. Women are people - gender does not become the primary factor and that provides a feeling of freedom and comfort. It is rather akin to Bombay in that. Here the only spaces that feel slightly threatening are where are large number of domestic male tourists have gathered. From my experience, even among the working classes, women feel much more confident and free in work spaces in Goa than in other cities and states.

I have often rode my scooter home on lonely roads in the dark, I have never been pushed and shoved or touched inappropriately in public transport, I have eaten alone in restaurants without garnering stares. Mainly, the lack of a constant patronising and patriarchal attitude in social interactions with men is a difference from some other cities.

Lina Vincent

Historian and curator for Arts management

‘Goa is safe, but Metros are an experience’

Since Goa is a small place, everyone knows everyone and help is just a call away. I think people in Goa are more considerate. There are many times I have finished work late and my colleagues have offered to follow me home, this gesture is reassuring but at the same time I can’t wait for the day I don’t need to be followed if I’m driving home late, because to be honest, I prefer the work life in metros. The drive, ambition and zeal that youngsters have to make it big in the metros are something we don’t really see in Goa. I had a short stint in Mumbai and there was so much I learnt there that I apply to my work here.

Ishita Godinho

Community Development and Communication Manager, FC Goa Foundation

‘Goa gives a work-life balance for women’

Goa is all about women equality and women empowerment, men and women have an equal status in all walks of life. Working with a legendary and iconic brand in Goa, I have always been recognized only on merit irrespective of my gender. I always believe that one should have a work-life balance and Goa is the ideal place to achieve this. Goa gives women of all ages the space to explore themselves in various fields beyond working hours.

Doris D’Souza

PR Manager- Taj, Goa

‘Outsiders can sometimes be a nuisance to Goa’

Goa has been a safe haven for women to work. The safety in Goa women have been enjoying,is deep rooted in the respect and value system of our homes and education system, where men are taught to respect women, their independence and work.

Learning of the various instances in Metro Cities that women face from travelling to harassment at work places, Goa is still safe so far but with the influx of outsiders coming to Goa, a threat looms for women. Following a recent attack on a couple and rape of the woman by three men all from outside Goa who were nabbed by the Police eventually sheds a dark light on the security of women and how the future may unfold.

As my work requires travel and being out late, on a personal level till date I have never experienced any untoward experience and have always felt safe.

Yulette Coutinho


‘Goa ensures Women’s safety’

Goa is safe as people are helpful, caring and there’s no gender discrimination.

I rode to work to Vasco from Margao everyday as I finish work late. One day my bike broke down on the Zuari road which is quite isolated at 9 pm. I was helped by some labourers to push my bike to a safe place, and they waited on the highway with me till I got a bus. Total strangers. But were my angels in disguise! In a metro no one would even care to stop. However, though travelling is stressful is more in a metro, it has ample opportunities for doing courses and indulging in hobbies after work; which are limited in Goa. Most villages are dead by seven!!!

Suzette da Silva

Senior Special Asst State Bank of India

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