Herald: Year Ender 2018: Social media challenges that went viral this year

Year Ender 2018: Social media challenges that went viral this year

29 Dec 2018 02:57am IST

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29 Dec 2018 02:57am IST

Report by
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In 2018, social media platforms saw

many viral challenges both in India and around the world, that not only garnered a lot of attention online but became a craze. While there were some like the deadly #KikiChallenge or #MomoChallenge that got everyone scared, others were adorable like #WhatTheFluffChallenge and the #NeymarChallenge. Here’s a list of top ten viral challenges that gripped social media users:

Kiki Challenge

Drake’s 2018’s single ‘In My Feelings’ took the Internet by storm. The groovy number, which first had Instagram star Shiggy dancing to it on a street, became viral with millions around the world, including celebrities, coming up with their own versions. Using #KikiChallenge, even animals were filmed in rather hilarious renditions.

In India, the challenge got its own desi twist with two farmers clearly winning the challenge with many arguing that the trend actually began in India thanks to Bollywood films.

However, the challenge turned into a deadly stunt as many youths started jumping out of moving cars and trains to record the video. There were reports of several accidents also, which led to police issuing warning against performing this stunt.

‘Hum Fit Toh India Fit’ Challenge

Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore launched a fitness challenge to ‘make India fitter and better’. Soon, the challenge became a rage and saw an massive response. From politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sports personalities like PV Sindhu and Virat Kohli, Bollywood actors also accepted the challenge.

With hashtag #HumFitTohIndiaFit, from Twitter to Instagram, workout videos of Indians flooded social media sites.

The Neymar Challenge

FIFA World Cup 2018 had many memorable moments but Brazilian star Neymar Jr’s rolling on the ground during matches created quite a buzz online. His antics on the field became a meme fest.

From children playing football on the ground to television hosts and even elderly people, everyone attempted his rolling challenge. The mocking went on other games as well including cricket and tennis and took place at even Wimbledon! And if that wasn’t enough, the ace footballer himself joined the challenge.

What The Fluff Challenge

One of the most adorable challenges this year, this challenge warmed hearts on the Internet. The viral challenge was basically a peek-a-boo game that people all around the world attempted trying to fool their pets, mostly dogs. With a large piece of cloth in hand and a doorway nearby, pet parents around the globe tried to pull off the ‘disappearing’ trick with an innocent and trusting animal. However, it was the reactions of the dogs that have left people ‘awww’ing on social media.

Many even tried to do it with other animals

including killer whales, but the results did not work as planned but nevertheless, the video was entertaining.

Invisible Challenge

If 2017 was about ‘invisible box’ challenge, this year, people took it a step further by a ‘disappearing trick of humans’. Yes, people tried this viral trend on their siblings with the fake ‘invisible challenge’. It was hilarious to watch the videos but younger ones got confused and scared and many videos did end in tears.

The Dele Alli hand challenge

Footballer Dele Alli’s quirky hand celebration took the Internet by storm and started a new trend on social media with many attempting his gesture. The English footballer’s hand-salute covering his eye with a looped finger and odd twist of the wrist, created quite a buzz, with many trying different ways to successfully recreate it.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, people documented their attempts by posting videos online.

Momo Challenge

Just when people thought the deadly Blue Whale Challenge of 2017 had become a passe, another new fad called the Momo Challenge went viral, reportedly putting many lives at risk. The challenge involved dares that encouraged children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide. The challenge was reportedly linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. Although in India there were no deaths attributed to the challenge, police left no stone unturned to raise awareness to avoid any untoward situation.

Lip-sync battle Challenge

Hit American television show Lip-sync Battle is not new. The show, however, turned into a viral trend as many law enforcement agencies in the US started challenging each other online. From police officers to firefighters, many hit songs saw epic renditions and wowed people showing their funny side. It even reached India, and a group’s rendition with farm tools singing Freddie Mercury’s song won hearts on the Internet.

Falling Stars Challenge

Taking up the Falling Stars Challenge, people were posting pictures of themselves lying flat on their face as if they have just fallen down or passed out. But what began as challenge taken up by the rich to show-off from exotic cars to a yacht, it quickly spread among all who trolled the privileged by recreating it with kitchen utensils and vegetables!

Snoot challenge

When it comes to Internet challenges that involve pets, especially dogs, it does not take long for them to go viral. And this year another cute challenge went viral where a dog had to come and place their snouts inside a certain object or a shape made with hands by their owners. - Agencies

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