14 Mar 2022  |   05:21am IST

‘Neutrality’ benefits the aggressor

‘Neutrality’ benefits the aggressor

Kajal Chatterjee

Russia simply stands upon highly hypocritical ground   its only mission being "conquer Ukraine"!

We were made to hear that Russia desires to lend support to the people of the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine where Russian-speakers are being "systematically tortured" by the State force! But is there any proof that Russian-speakers are indeed being subjected to such butchering in the Donbas region that it merits an independent country with the aid of military might of Russia! Even if Russian allegations are assumed to be true; then it should have limited its military aid within the Donbas region only, that too taking on only the Ukrainian force! But why such bombardment and missiles, thereby "gifting" unfathomable miseries to innocent civilians!

But the actual goal is to extend the frontier of Russia! So another "logic" arrives in the form "Ukraine was originally a part of the Russian empire"! So by blaming Lenin and Gorbachyev for awarding a distinct identity to Ukraine; Putin desires to "amend historical wrongs"!

Oh, another "logic" arrives in the pretext of "NATO'' casting "evil eyes" upon Russia; so Ukraine must be taken to task! So Russia prefers to enter the "medieval age" and violates international border ! Putin's act has simply no place in this globe if it claims to be civilised.

No less atrocious are the "solemn" advice and comments being given unsolicited by the "liberals".

First, why is Ukraine "hobnobbing with NATO"? It seems they are legitimising Russian aggression by throwing the ball of accusation in the court of Ukraine. Ukraine, being a sovereign independent country, holds every legitimate right to determine whether it would join NATO or not.

Second, Ukraine is "foolish" enough to take on Russian might and thereby endangering the lives of its own citizens! This invocation of the "lack of wisdom" theory on the part of Ukraine deviates us from our real duty   "Condemn Russia without any ifs and buts".

Third, Ukraine being advised to have a negotiation with Russia so as to stop the "war". Neither is it "war" nor has the violence started by Ukraine. Far from being a "war", it is nothing but a barbaric aggression by a totalitarian regime upon a weaker democratic country. So advising Ukraine to negotiate with Russia imparts a message that both nations are on equally wrong footing and baying blood of each other when the fact remains that Ukraine is merely defending its territory from the Russian invasion. 

Now, a message to the "neutral" brigade whose stance actually benefits the aggressor. Yes, the aggressor needs to be promptly taken to task; "neutrality" merely awards the aggressor a renewed boost due to lack of protest. It must not be forgotten that Russia had shown its aggressive colours way back in 2014 when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine. While most of the nations remained "neutral" at that time; those who opposed it did not take matters to a justified conclusion thereby enabling Russia to remain with the global "mainstream" and turn more audacious.


Idhar Udhar