Herald: Goa can’t be sitting on a request to help with the Dubai fraud investigations
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Goa can’t be sitting on a request to help with the Dubai fraud investigations

15 Apr 2018 06:37am IST
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15 Apr 2018 06:37am IST

The Superintendant of Police North Goa, the FRRO and the head of the state police, have to, in case they haven’t, do a bit of explaining as to why a specific communication from the Consulate General of India in Dubai to enquire and verify serious allegations of 21 NRIs that Mapusa boy and billionaire Sydney Lemos had swindled and hoodwinked them of billions of dollars by simply going cold on their investments returning neither the principal nor the profited amounts, was ignored.

While Lemos has been arrested for life (517 years, year each for each of the 517 cases against him for fraud) the response time of the Goa Police in helping to track down and zero in on his wife Valany Cardozo, co-convicted in the 300 million dollar scam, who escaped from Dubai, is clearly found wanting.

Lemos was first arrested in 2016 but got bail. He was arrested again in mid-January last year. Ryan D’Souza, a Siolim resident, his accountant was picked up at the Dubai airport in February 2017, as he was departing for Goa. Valany managed to get out of Dubai and get to Goa.

The Consulate General of India in Dubai, as we have reported, wrote directly to the Superintendent of Police North Goa on September 3, 2017 that “Valany Avril Cardozo has absconded from UAE and reported to be staying Goa”. The North Goa police was requested to verify the whereabouts of Valany Cardozo (who is now the run), and give a feedback on the outcome of the enquiries conducted.

This letter is in possession of Herald. It was therefore extremely surprising when the current North Goa SP, appeared completely unaware of the letter addressed to her as SP North. Chaudhary took over as SP North on July 6, 2017, two months before the Consulate General of India in Dubai asked her to conduct inquiries and give a “feedback”.

Very surprisingly, when Herald contacted her early last week, with a specific question on whether the North Goa police was tracking down the elusive Valany Cardozo alias Valany Lemos, SP North had said, “We have not been informed by Ministry of Home Affairs regarding any communication from the Dubai authorities seeking our assistance. If there is any such move, we will take suitable action.”

If the North Goa SP had looked, she would have found this all important communication addressed specifically to her in her office.

The Goa Police or the government can no longer look at the Dubai Forex scam as something that happened in Dubai. The scam has it toots in Goa and most importantly has affected Goan lives. As Herald has been repeatedly highlighting, those in the direct and indirect employment of, Sydney Lemos, like Ryan D’Souza of Siolim, are languishing in jail with a massive hunt for others, including Goans who have conspired with him, to get rich quick. The Goa Police, especially the North Goa police, should avoid itself the embarrassment of not acting upon important diplomatic requests from the Consulate of India in Dubai. This communication has also been sent after clearances from the Indian Ministry of External affairs, which made it imperative to investigate and inform.

With Herald digging out the all important communication, it is important that a response is given and Valany Cardozo, at the very least, detained, as per the charges against her. Goa needs to respond. For the sake of its own prestige and for the future of all Goans who may be victims of this fraud.

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