Herald: Needed Centre’s Mission Kashmir before it’s too late
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Needed Centre’s Mission Kashmir before it’s too late

15 May 2017 05:25am IST
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15 May 2017 05:25am IST

The BJP-led NDA government has to react to Kashmir and react pretty fast. It cannot leave it to the state government alone to resolve the crisis.

The BJP-led NDA government has to react to Kashmir and react pretty fast. It cannot leave it to the state government alone to resolve the crisis. During demonetisation it was claimed that Kashmir’s stone-pelters and militants would be hard-hit. On the contrary, after demonetisation they are hitting back even harder! The militants are now looting banks to fill their coffers! The BJP, which is a partner to the PDP government in Kashmir, must come clean on its position and earnestness to resolve the crisis and that too as soon as possible.

On April 24, 2017, schoolgirls picked up whatever they could and hurled the same on police vehicles. This was in the busy Lal Chowk area the commercial hub of Srinagar. People, it seems, are no more scared of the pellets and are even chasing  out security forces and the police.

And after all these, chief minister Mehbooba says she has seen worse and things will improve. Even if she has seen a more dangerous state, is she waiting for more trouble?

Winning state after state and orchestrating political rallies in non-BJP states like West Bengal and Orissa to bring in another ‘poriborton’ will only better the fortunes of the BJP and ensure Achhe Din for the party. How about concentrating on good governance in the states they have already wrested power?

On May 8, a video went viral showing purported destruction of Pakistani army bunker in shelling by the Indian forces along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. The Defence ministry spokesman has till date neither confirmed nor denied this. The 1.41-minute-long video shows a military post being destroyed after being hit by rockets and high explosive shells. The Pakistani flag can be seen fluttering atop the post. A voice can be heard, saying the target has been hit successfully.

Former senior army officer Brig Anil Gupta, who has served in the 16 Corps headquarters in Nagrota, had said... “India’s retaliation would be a bigger act, not this, which is seen in the video. It is mere local strategy of LoC management.”

To top it all, Gaurav Arya, an army veteran wrote on Twitter, “A Sikh regiment unit completely annihilates a Pak bunker on LoC. Indian Army responds to Pak in the language they understand.”

How are Army officials supposed to talk of retaliation plan like this in the open? In such sensitive issues are Army veterans and senior officers supposed to make such statements? Isn’t there any sort of embargo on what is to be said and who are responsible to make comments? It’s becoming a free-for-all situation. That’s the danger. Social media is being used frequently to make statements on such serious issues. 

One more striking instance was when the media highlighted on how more than 50 Pakistani and Saudi Arabian channels were running via cable networks in Kashmir without the clearance. The channels, including Zakir Naik’s banned Peace TV, were indulged in preaching Salafist Islam and spreading anti-India propaganda.

Private cable operators in Jammu and Kashmir broadcast channels like Saudi Sunnah, Saudi Quran, Al Arabia, Hidayat, Paigham, Noor, Madani, Sehar, Karbala, Ary QTV, Hadi, Ahlibat, Message, Sehar, Bethat, Falak, Geo News and many others. It must be mentioned that these channels are not permitted to air in the rest of the country by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Does the Union ministry have an answer as to why these channels are/were running in Kashmir? Was the ministry aware of it before media reports? Again, the Centre has hauled up the Kashmir government to stop the telecast of these channels. There are too many unanswered questions. Is the administration waiting for a disaster to happen?

Let’s hope good sense prevails before it is too late.

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