Herald: No retaliation on terror attacks emboldens terrorist

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No retaliation on terror attacks emboldens terrorist

22 Apr 2019 04:45am IST
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22 Apr 2019 04:45am IST

Terrorism spares no religion, age, gender or nationality. The world-over the level of intolerance has become so high that killing of innocents has become almost a common occurrence.

The dastardly and planned attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday at three Churches and five-starred hotels, which left over 215 dead and about 400 injured, has shaken the world yet again. The dead included about 30 foreigners. Just recently, after the Pulwama attack the world heard about the rampant shooting in a mosque in New Zealand, which is relatively a very peaceful nation. The attack has had its reverabtions in Goa too, and as an aftermath of the Colombo attack and also the ensuing polling on April 23, Churches are being provided with police security.

Entire Sri Lanka is shell shocked to see the minority community being directly attacked in a country where the majority follows the Buddhists faith. It is the deadliest planned and spread-out terror attack in Sri Lanka till date. The terrorist outfit, which is yet to be officially identified and announced by the Sri Lankan government, chose the date, time and venue to shock the targetted Christian community which was celebrating Easter. Also, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but Sri Lanka’s defence minister Ruwan Wijewardene has said that the attackers had been identified and were religious extremists and suicide bombers. Sri Lanka, with a population of 2.14 crore, has 70 per cent Buddhists followed by Hindus, Muslims and then about 7.4 per cent Christians.

Following this attack curfew has been imposed and the government on a temporary measure has blocked all social media platforms in order to prevent incorrect and wrong information being spread. Internet too has been disabled till normalcy returns in this island nation. Such attacks do play a major role in bringing a halt to the moving economy. While the production and export of tea, rubber, coffee, sugar, and other commodities remain important in Sri Lanka, industrialisation has increased the importance of food processing, textiles, telecommunications, and finance. The country’s main economic sectors like tourism, tea export, clothing, rice production, and other agricultural products will take a dent in coming months following this attack.

No city or country appears to be safe from the growing trend in terrorism. It all started in an organised manner since the advent of Osama Bin Laden-led Al Qaeda in 1988. Soon after he was killed in his hide-out on May 2, 2011 in US-led secret attack in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and even as Al Qaeda still exists, several new terror groups have emerged like mushroom with one single agenda of jihad. While ISIS (also known as Daesh, ISIL or simply Islamic State) which was formed in 1999, emerged in a big way soon after the killing of Bin Laden, for the first time used social media for building their cadre of Jihadis. ISIS is a Jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria influenced by the Wahaabi movement and has played havoc in Europe, Asian and Middle East countries.

While the entire world has condemned this gruesome attack, unfortunately all such activities and attack nowadays have become like wall calendars, to be remembered and talked about as 9/11, 26/11, 7/11, 14/2 etc and very few retaliatory actions are taken which emboldens and encourages the terrorists. With United Nations losing almost all its teeth and facing redundancy, richer and stronger nations in the world have to come together and fight unitedly against any terror activity which takes place anywhere on the planet. The fight against terror cannot be isolated, but needs to be a concerted effort of all nations to wipe it out from the face of Earth.
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