26 May 2020  |   05:07am IST

Intolerance once again?

Intolerance once again?

Filastro Cardozo

The recent outburst in the media by the section of the society specifically by the members of the ruling class which reflected their pre-conceived notions and biased attitudes on an issue something that for them is hard to digest.

The stated facts become unpalatable to some because mostly many individuals are averse to face reality. So the outbursts are understandable as in this case of the objection of SCC English paper on the issue of Portuguese passport.

First and foremost let us get our facts straight, people of Goa and more so from the minority community are looking for greener pastures due to lack of job opportunities in Goa. The efforts by the Goa Government to create employment opportunities are dismal and hence the exodus of Goans to the European Union countries, cruiseliners, American shores gulf, etc. And hence we have to accept this fact and direct our efforts of solving the existent unemployment problem.

We must also understand the fact that the government jobs today mostly can be secured mainly through bribes/influence and beyond the reach of the common man. To start an individual enterprise also a lot of palms have to be greased.

Every citizen and even the youth understand this fact and denying it wouldn’t change the reality.

Ex-MLA Siddharth Kuncoliencar’s and ex-MP Narendra Sawaikar’s  outburst on yesterday’s Herald is understandable as currently being out of power they want to gain limelight over a non issue. The request for punishment/arrest termination of citizenship, deportation to Portugal is a manifestation of their rabid mind-set. In a country like India known as the world’s largest democracy there should be space for difference of opinion and the right to express once views even if they clash with the powers that be. It is pertinent to ask what is the contribution of Sawaikar and Kuncoliencar and their party in solving unemployment problem in Goa.

Further I would request them and others to please refer to section C sub section (iv) where there is a statement (change the voice) which goes thus “Corruption has affected Goans in Goa” [pg.10.].

Is this statement accepted by them as a fact? Why no objections on this statement also? Or does the word ‘Portuguese ' itself ruffles some feathers. Due to this corruption issue, Goans are forced to look elsewhere for better prospects.

The statement of ex-CM Digambar Kamat appears to be more sane and rational on the same issue and it is also understandable that it has come from the leader of opposition but even than he has spoken the truth that is presently faced by the Goans.

It is the humble wish of the Goans that the State of Goa should function with democratic values which currently on the downswing. Any dissent is met with arrests. People fear to speak because of  the backlash they might face and this is not safe for democracy. 

The great French philosopher Voltaire had said “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it”.