09 Sep 2021  |   04:07am IST

Letters to the editor (09 September 2021)

Letters to the editor (09 September 2021)

Doles & freebies come from taxpayers

Looks like the election 'Jumlas or doles or freebies' are like leap year, wait?

Jumlas or freebies has a key place in our election manifesto or No.1 priority, which is released just before the election. Most wonder why not after winning an election and offering the same as gift for winning.

Recently, freebies poured in both Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, but the result was different, do you know why? Those voters were smart and planned strategies to teach the Jumla scientists a bitter taste of their own medicine. Those who enjoyed or availed the freebies were aware of the fact that these freebies are not coming from the pockets of any political parties or politician but from the taxpayers and so, the freebies were distributed at voter's own cost.

Goans must not forget the atrocities faced in last two terms, where their valuable votes were also exploited in defection. With knowing the fact that these freebies will put a small State Goa's revenue into red zone and seeing political parties competing with each other to lure the voters, the voters are now geared up to teach those playing with sentiments of people a bitter lesson.

The voters have learned the crucial features of good governance, equality, inclusiveness, social justice and accountability. The social, political and economic consequences of freebies are very short-lived in nature being wise, looking at long term benefits to live a stressless life ahead!

A famous quote reads 'Corruption is a cancer, a cancer that eats away the trust and faith in any democratic society, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity' - Beware Goemkara, time is nearing to choose the best. 

Gaston Dias, Sarzora

Electric Mobility Policy, right step

This has reference to the Edit ‘Electric Mobility Policy a step in right direction’ (Herald, September 8). The Goa government needs to be complimented for its proposed policy with regard to reducing the carbon footprints on the earth. The Electric Mobility Policy 2021, which proposes to offer major incentives to those who wish to change from petrol or diesel vehicles to electric vehicles, is indeed a step in the right direction.

This may be a small step in saving the environment but if this idea catches up with the rest of the country, it would definitely be a big boost in the world's effort to save Planet Earth. Vehicular pollution is indeed a major contributor to the deteriorating environment we are facing today. Of course, there are a lot more ways in which we can stop this climate change. We need to take that first, small step. Today.

Melville X D'Souza, Mumbai

Dysfunctional govt swimming complexes

With reference to your article on Sunday's Herald about the plight of Government swimming pools, I would like to further voice my opinion on the issue highlighted about the dilapidated condition of Fatorda pool which looks like a breeding ground for fish. The Ponda and Quepem pools which were functioning seamlessly and have now been rendered non functional, the reasons apparently being lack of supply of chemicals.

The Government in its order has opened the pools post lockdown, however, the pools have still not been able to function. The article touches on the Panjim pool being readied first, is it because all the high and mighty in the political and bureaucratic circles use this pool for their fitness regimen? Why is it that South Goa pools are being given discriminatory and step motherly treatment?

As a concerned and affected swimmer it truly saddens me that our politicians think of building new sports infrastructure over managing existing facilities. How can we in this scenario ever have any expectations of getting any medals for swimming at international or National levels?

When a budding swimmer shines, all the authorities gather around to take credit.

Our Hon Prime Minister has said that only a healthy nation can make economic progress, if so, why are budding young swimmers and other citizens deprived of their daily training/exercising regimen?

Will our sports minister kindly intervene and supply the required chemicals to start the pools?

Angelo Barreto, Curtorim

Vermin to the rescue!

A recent study on the ‘The diet of leopards inhabiting protected areas and human dominated landscapes of Goa...’ has shown that the leopard in these areas feasts more on the wild boar than domesticated animal accounting for 29% of the prey biomass. The study states that the dog, pig, goat and cat accounts for a ‘minor’ 33%? While individually the latter show less percentage, collectively 33% becomes the highest and is a major concern as these are domesticated animals.

It is now mandatory to ensure the wild boar is not declared vermin -- a favourite agenda of our enlightened elected -- but in fact protected and a facilitated for growth to prevent leopards from venturing into human habitats.

The Forest Dept has started making artificial waterholes: now sugarcane too must be cultivated deep in the forests to accelerate the wild boar population.

Such studies come from public funds and must be used for corrections. The NIO study on microplastics in PWD supplied potable water was shot down by the NIO and the PWD: why? Funds are merely to enhance personal careers?

Latest ‘study’ is to be from IIT Chennai on why potholes emerge on a newly constructed ‘state of the art’ bridge. Why? Why must we pay? Why not L&T? Is this the first bridge built in monsoon India?

Forget freebies, we want responsibility ownership and heads to roll. As one MLA put it: Goa needs world class infrastructure. Of course his context was different.

R Fernandes, Margao

Old trees in Vasco need to be cut

A huge Gulmohar tree came crashing down in the crowded weekly market in the port town of Vasco on Sunday. In all, six vehicles were damaged. 

The falling tree also brought down many electricity and other cables. The tree reportedly fell across the lane which is usually full with vendors sitting under the tree on the footpaths selling several items. 

It is also the lane which gets crowded during the festive season when citizens do the shopping. It was by God’s providence that no one was hurt in the incident.

Falling of weak and old trees has been taking place at a disturbing frequency in Vasco over the past several years. Last year a motorcyclist had lost his life when an Ashoka tree came crashing down along the Swatantra Path. However it is shocking to note that Vasco with a population of over one lakh spread across 25 wards reportedly has only one tree cutter for the entire municipality. It is understood that after the cyclone Tauktae that hit the city, the tree-cutter has been allotted to all 25 wards in rotation to cut the fallen trees.

In order to save life and property it is absolutely essential to cut down old and weak trees after identifying them. Trees also need to be trimmed when their branches have overgrown. 

Hence the Mormugao Municipal Council needs to employ more than just one tree-cutter. Steps need to be taken on a war-footing in this regard before one more disaster by way of falling trees strikes the port town.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco