11 Dec 2020  |   05:13am IST

Letters to the editor (11 Dec 2020)

Letters to the editor (11 Dec 2020)

SOTTO-Goa finally operational

Kudos to Goa Medical College (GMC) and the newly formed Goa State Organ Transplant Organisation (SOTTO) for the first cadaveric donation (organs harvested from a person declared brain dead) in Goa. 

It is noteworthy that in terms of Health care/Medi-care sector this is a giant leap from the times when cadaveric Organ transplantation or donation was impossible in Goa because of the callous attitude of successive Governments. Never were any efforts made to put in place the organisational set up (SOTTO) needed to conduct cadaveric Organ transplantation or donation in Goa despite the Transplantation of Human Organs Act being enacted way back in 1994. The inaction on part of the authorities meant that any Goan patient who was in need of a cadaveric organ for survival had to get themselves registered on a waiting list in another state that had a SOTTO (like Maharashtra) which by default had their own state preference for natives that effectively left Goans out of the frame work of cadaveric organ transplants. Therefore the giant leap! It however pains me see all the limelight of the first cadaveric transplantation through SOTTO-Goa being narcissistically hogged by persons and politicians who had no role in making this feet possible. The sole and absolute credit for this giant leap goes to the Mango Foundation and Wilbur Menezes their Advocate, who approached the High Court and successfully obtained directions to the Government of Goa and the Central Government that paved the way for SOTTO-Goa to become a reality. 

Today because of true angels and Goenkars such as Adv. Wilbur Menezes, who selflessly devoted so much of his time and effort to find a solution, us Goans can still have a sense of hope for the future. It is very easy to protest and make noise seeking self-publicity without any solutions but its is people like Wilbur Menezes who silently find solutions and gets things done thereby making a difference and in this case saving lives. A very big thank you to him and the Mango Foundation. My appeal is to the Health Minister, is to bring NGO’s like Mohan Foundation to set up in Goa, as they will help in creating awareness  programs, training staff, doctors etc, under the guidelines of NOTTO. 

So, Goa can be Model State with organ transplant. Also encourage hospitals to setup for liver transplant or tie up with hospitals which be beneficial to Goans. Setup an eye bank in Goa, where if death takes place at home at least eye can be donated, as for rest organs one

has to be fortunate to donate. “Don’t take your organs to heaven for God knows they are needed here” Please register to donate at www.sottogoa-gov.org

Gabriel Pereira, Mapusa 

Tiatro a powerful weapon

Tiatro is a powerful weapon to create an awareness towards  justice and betterment of the people. Since lockdown due to Corona virus, tiatro business is come to  a total halt rendering Tiatrists jobless.  But being smart always and innovative to make their voice audible they ventured into recording of their tiatros and songs  and showing the same on YouTube.  

One most popular tiatrist, Francis de Tuem who is also a highly  political Tiatrist once was even arrested for expressing his political view from the Stage, on one minister. But it did not deter him from continuing his campaign against the political “dadagiri” done by our politicians in our society.   His one political Tiatro ‘Question Mark’ originally released in 2016 and staging over a hundred times all over Goa, Bombay, Gulf and elsewhere, he, a few days back has uploaded it in his official channel “’Francis de Tuem”.   

In this Tiatro he displays the philosophy of the late Fr Bismarque how he was some years back propagating and fighting against those who were in the name of development destroying the nature thereby putting our well-being into jeopardy. Hill cutting, trees cutting and other methods of destroying the nature’s gifts are not the means of development.  

The director even indicates how, where and who liquidated Fr Bismarque to eradicate his voice for the cause of Goa. All Goa lovers must see this Tiatro which was well enacted by all the artistes but special mention must be made to Sylvester Vaz for playing the role of Fr Bismarque very appropriately while Anita, Aplon and her young beautiful daughter Asmith also played their roles well. 

In the side show songs Lawry Travasso,  Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz, Sylvester Vaz, Asmith, Shaikh Amir, T. Briton and Francis de Tuem rendered their songs well. 

 A.Veronica Fernandes,  Candolim

Nuisance of coal transportation

This has reference to the article ‘Bap'pai na pudvem na’ by Adv. Radharao Gracias (Herald, Nov 30).  ‘Bap'pai na pudvem na’is an old saying but meaningful. It  comes out of experience of the ancestors, but it has relevance today and for the future also. The author is an experienced person an moreover an ex-MLA. 

I am compelled to touch on the  double issue since I am resident of Arossim and I experience the nuisance  caused presently by the coal traffic is unbeareable and it is beyond description. So also must be the bitter experience of the residents of those residing by the track. And with trouble  track we will have to run away some where towards East. 

Where I differ with the author is suggestion that double track can come upto Utorda. I wonder whether he knows the position of Utorda. On the Eastern side there is Utorda Church, Cemetry and thick population. So also on the Western side is thickly populated with new bunglows and residences. A visit to Utorda will convince of the situation.

I will say Margao should be last stop of the double track. The old Margao Railway station had vast open space where number of sidings can be built with a turn  around. Thus the Davorlim farmers will save their precious fields where they earn their living. Moreover the suggestion of the MP Sardinha was also was that the track should stop at Margao so that the old heritage houses from Margao to Vasco can be saved. The Railway authorities should  look into these suggestions. 

This way the transport of coal will be controlled and its transport can be diverted   through. Karwar Port into hinterland to the factories of the industrialists. 

Antonio F. Fernandes, 


Online voting for COVID patients

It is learnt that a fresh set of SOPs for the Zilla Panchayat elections has been issued with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic mandating virus positive voters to adorn PPE kits while casting their votes. 

There are reportedly as many as 1,277 active Covid-19 patients recorded in the state who are mostly recuperating in home isolation. It is pertinent to note that states are not required to affix posters outside the residences of those who test positive for Covid-19 and such an exercise can be done away with. This is probably being done in order not to make known the positive status of the patient. If a particular time is allotted, at the end of the voting for the Zilla Panchayat elections, for the Covid-19 patients to cast their votes and if they have to wear a PPE suit then their positive status will be known to other people. It would be desirable to have provisions for Covid-19 positive patients to cast their votes on line. Alternatively arrangements could be made to have postal ballots for those in home isolation because of their positive status as far as the virus is concerned. It does not seem proper to have these patients travel to the polling booth to cast their votes for the Zilla Panchayat elections.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco