14 Aug 2020  |   04:34am IST

Letters to the editor ( 14 August 2020)

Letters to the editor ( 14 August 2020)

Economy brought to a standstill 

The global pandemic has bought our economy to a standstill. Mining was the mainstay of Goa’s economy. The ban on mining activities for the last two years has added to the woes of the already diminishing economy. The lives of several families have been severely hit due to this mining ban. Besides, with the present pandemic situation, those who are left with no jobs at hand find it tough to sustain their families. Those who are left without jobs are unable to gain employment even in tourism sector as it has been hit due to the pandemic.  

Mining and tourism are the two main job providing sectors in Goa. Around 3 lakh Goan families are dependent on mining for their day to day existence. Besides, the abrupt stoppage of mining industry has resulted in a huge loss of revenue to the State. These issues need to be treated on a topmost priority in the interest of people’s future. Dreams of several families have been ruined due to their tight financial situation. 

In the present scenario, the only option would be immediate resumption of mining activities in the state to save our economy from doldrums and improve the economic conditions of Goans.  

The mining dependents are anxiously waiting for a favourable verdict from the Supreme Court. 

Frankie Sequeira, Bicholim

College start-up

The GU has declared that all colleges will commence the academic year from September 1

. Have all the associated risks been evaluated? There is severe shortage of both testing and beds at the moment and the Govt. is forced to advise home isolation for positive cases. The procedure followed worldwide is: Test, if positive do contact tracing with testing. In a school/college of just 40 students, should anyone be tested positive than the rest 39 plus the teacher plus the friends of the student and the passengers in the bus etc. will have to be tested. Now consider if there are 10, 20 or 30 positive cases each from a different school/class: can the Govt. handle the same? In the US, some 97000 students tested positive within a week of opening schools! Haste makes waste. We must look ourselves in the eyes first: what are we capable of? What are our strengths? The present situation says we are lacking most severely: let us not put on a show of bravado and then pass the buck.

We need to think and find solutions outside Goa: bring in advice from places that have shown more results. Person coming in last in the heats cannot move to the next round with the other qualifiers.

R Fernandes, Margao

Resume mining

Goa has been going through a very difficult situation for the last 2 years 5 months due to mining stoppage. Around 300,000 people are affected directly or indirectly and their livelihood is at stake. Contractor labour, drivers, mechanics, workshop owners etc. have lost their source of income as a result they are not able to meet their children's education expenses. Apart from this, they cannot afford higher education of their children. The future of our youth is in darkness as unemployment is on the rise. Trucks and other mining machinery are rusting and deteriorating. Mining Companies were helping the community through their CSR activities, such as transport facility to school children, drinking water in villages, agriculture, organizing health camps etc. slowed down due to mining ban.  

I request the concerned authorities to intervene in the matter and resume mining activities and bring smiles on the thousands of mining dependents who are eagerly awaiting to see happy days.

Deodita Rodrigues, Codli

Mining ban affects my full life

Metals play a crucial role in day today activities. Life is incomplete without metals! Which reach to us after various process. Mission & vision   of our PM is “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”. How will we accomplish this without commencing Goa mining?  

Mining is very essential to meet our daily needs , secondly economy of Goa is almost collapsed due to Covid pandemic as no other source of income for survivals. More than 3 lakhs people are directly or indirectly depend on mining facing financial crisis.

All my dreams are incomplete since the ban on mining. My daughter's ambition to become a doctor is in darkness, she left coaching classes of NEET examination due to financial crisis since I am the only earner. I feel guilty of not meeting my family’s requirement due to stoppage of mining for the last about 3 years. 

I have been working in mining for the last 27 years since 1993 after completing my B.Sc. I worked in various departments with different  roles and responsibilities. After the age of 50’s who are going to absorb me in other fields? How we are going to survive is big question mark! What’s our fault? Waiting for justice! Resume sustainable mining!

Dayanand V. Gaonkar, Quepem

Good decision on mobile towers

The decision of the Goa government to provide a single window clearance facility for installation of cellular towers should be welcomed wholeheartedly. Now towers can be erected on government owned premises as well as on private properties, the owners only need to furnish an NOC....no further clearance from local authorities is required. 

More than anything it will enable students to attend online classes in these times of disease. Many instances of students climbing hills and trees to catch that stray signal especially in the hinterlands and forested border areas have been reported. Goa has for long been struggling to unroll it's online education initiatives owing to poor network and data connectivity. Misplaced opposition to erection of mobile towers on unproven grounds of radiation induced cancer by village panchayats and local bodies should cease, they should understand that technology is a great enabler for both education and healthcare. 

Telemedicine in remote medically underserved areas would also receive a boost if state wide signal strength is adequate. Covid has reinforced that the future is 'online' and for that seamless connectivity is imperative. 

Vinay Dwivedi, Benaulim

Argam tuka Somya

A spiritual program Argam tuka Somya preceded by Pillars of Fire went on the air every week on FM All India Radio. It gave spiritual strength to the listeners to face the realities of daily life understanding the Word of God. Episodes and life incidents in the Bible were reflected upon to indicate how relevant they are today in our living. The Old Testament and the New Testament are our guides to face life with trust in God and to live peacefully following Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. 

The programs went off the air following pandemic restrictions last March 2020, till date when it resurfaced last week this month bringing much relief to the radio listeners. Many heaved a sigh of relief and were delighted to glue to their radio sets. In times of trouble, distress and anxiety the Lord remains our strength, said one listener while another lamented: may we never have to face this pandemic again. 

Come what may, the COVID-19 has shaken the world to make us realize our worth in life and that the power of God cannot be challenged. While the church doors remain closed some prayer groups have begun online power attendance to end the pandemic and protect everyone. But God remains mercifully kind to us with the assurance given to return to him: those who cry unto me for help shall not be forsaken. 

Ayres Sequeira, 

Salvador do Mundo


Iddhar Udhar