22 Jul 2021  |   05:30am IST

Letters to the editor (22 July 2021)

Letters to the editor (22 July 2021)

Fruitful discussion and democracy

A reasoned debate and fruitful discussion is the very essence of democracy as it paves way for transparency and accountability in governance. It is good that the Power Ministers of Goa and Delhi will debate on issues concerning their portfolio.

It is unfortunate that the sessions of our Legislative Assembly in recent times have been sought to be curtailed curbing room for deliberating issues concerning the people. But the pandemic has not come in the way for the government brazenly indulging in all sorts of other functions involving gathering of people.

While in the Opposition Panjim MLA Babush Monserrate had accused the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) of being a big den of rampant corruption and had demanded a public discussion on projects being undertaken. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had summoned a public interaction of IPSCDL with the citizens of Panjim on May 28, 2019 but at the last minute abruptly cancelled it while publicly assuring that it would soon be rescheduled. It is over two long years and no sign of that meeting. Ironically Babush Monserrate and his Mayor son are now Directors of that very IPSCDL and there is no consultative process with the citizens of Panjim on the projects planned.

Without a truly genuine and concerted effort to improve the city’s crumbling infrastructure by taking the people into confidence, our now plummeting Panjim will only end up being further submerged with public money down the drain. There needs to be a public vigil to ensure Zero Tolerance to scams in the name of development. 

Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

AAP's entry in Goa

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited Goa three days back. The visit was an important agenda ahead of elections to be held in 2022.

The chief minister had visited Goa with their agenda of providing free electricity to Goans up to 300 units of consumption with 24X7 supply and relaxation of huge power bills received by Goans. However, the present problem every common man is facing is rise in petrol and diesel prices for last three months and subsequent rise in other commodities due to it.

Today Goa has grievances over various issues and development taking place at the cost of environment and life of people like coal hub. Double tracking, mining issue, unemployment, etc. The AAP's visit did not mention any of this but placed their agenda of Delhi model. Though there is steep rise in petrol and diesel price Goans continue to bear the situation and blame the present government for the same. 

The promises made by AAP will help only those who live in small rooms and one BHK apartments where the electricity consumption will be less. On other hand we have urban population living in bungalows and apartments with Air-condition and other electrical gadgets in use may not benefit AAP. He also met MGP local party who has refused their alliance with any national party in forthcoming elections and may think of the proposal by Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP has already displayed on the Billboard across Goan’s highways which mentions "13 MLAs betrayed Goan voters by changing their party after election results and Goa need clean politics."

The present scenario in Goa is slowly changing the minds of people and voters as BJP has failed in promising Ache Din with rise in inflation and also its management of health care situation during pandemic .The AAP is trying its best to occupy seats in Goa with local parties and keep away national parties in coming elections.

Raju Ramamurthy, Vasco

Congratulations to Goa Foundation

Congratulations to Claude and Norma Alvares and the whole team of Goa Foundation and the activist and the people of Goa for winning the fight to preserve Goa's minerals and environment for posterity. Thank you very much and God bless and protect you always. 

Matias Lobo, Tivim 

Call for cancellation of Tokyo Olympics

It is learnt that the head of the organising committee of the Tokyo Olympics did not rule out a last minute cancellation of the global sporting showpiece, amid rising Corona virus cases which has presented the organisers with mounting challenges. The Games are due to open on Friday, July 23. The so-called bubble to control the COVID-19 infection at the Olympic Athletes village has reportedly already “broken” and poses a risk of spread of infection to the general populace. It is understood that 11,000 athletes are expected in the athletes’ village. It is pertinent to note that the organizers of the Games have reported 58 positive cases among athletes, officials and journalists. There could be (God forbid) a spread of the infectious Covid-19 Delta variant in the games village despite all the precautions being taken by the organizers. Medical experts have opined that organising the Olympics Games must be reconsidered due to Japan’s inability to contain the cases of Corona virus which is spreading fast in that country.

It is without doubt that the Games will be held under stringent safety protocols. The Tokyo Olympics will be different from the past games in many ways. However, given the spike in the positive cases of the novel Corona virus in Japan it would be a catastrophe of immense proportion if the virus does strike the games village. Hence the organisers of the Games need to take a call on whether to go on with the Games or not. This decision needs to be taken at the earliest. 

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Free for all during elections

Post independent era the promises to entice the voters is so called freebies. In the past it was projects that would ameliorate the welfare of citizens. While APP is being castigated for free electricity what about ladli scheme, widows and doles to ladies, pensions to motorcycle pilots, freedom fighters, seamen, free ration to so called below poverty line or highly subsidised indiscriminately. 

Aren’t these bribes of the same category? The long standing demand for doles to unemployed has been buried. What about rations on Diwali Christmas, sarees, TV sets, washing machines, mixers, mobiles, bikes among others freely distributed at near election times. Is it not corrupt money swindled by politicians to buy goodwill?

Govt jobs are available to highest bidders and mostly outsiders are preferred as they keep their mouths shut. What about free travel to politicians and their families by air road, rail, free electricity/water postage, phone bills, petrol, money to celebrate national days?

The point under consideration that many below poverty line have even non resident accounts and huge FDs, owning cars and posh residential houses and properties

There are instances when these rations are used to feed dogs, etc, and are sold for a premium, which means they are not used for consumption.

The culture of free is catching up at a rapid state. Goans need to realise that it is we who pay through taxes the so called freebies and must resist that exercise when revenues are diverted to non productive purpose .

Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim 

Wearing 2 masks will be more suffocating

As a second wave of Corona virus pandemic rips through the country, healthcare experts are encouraging people to wear two face masks, a practice popularly called “double masking”.

Wearing one mask as it is, is suffocating, even if worn for 30 minutes. Wearing two masks, one above the other will be more suffocating.

Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai


Iddhar Udhar