24 Oct 2020  |   05:15am IST

Letters to the editor (24 Oct 2020)

Letters to the editor (24 Oct 2020)

Govt staff must be punctual

There is a need to ensure that in every government office all staff from the peon to the director is very punctual in reporting for work. Even in the Secretariat at Porvorim we very sadly see staff merrily walking in past 11 am if not later. This is impermissible and the Chief Secretary must crack the whip. Infact the heads of all departments across Goa should themselves lead by example.

Besides every government employee has a duty to ensure that in serving the public, the staff discharge their duties courteously, professionally with love, passion, integrity and more importantly with that much needed smile. They must realise that the very people they serve, pay for this service and are therefore their employers who are entitled to expect an excellent service at all times. Those who consider serving the people a burden and cannot even smile have no right to continue in service.

Government employees reaching the office late, merrily absconding during office hours and leaving office early is absolutely unacceptable as it is an inconvenience to the people visiting the government offices to redress their grievances.

Every step possible must be taken to also ensure total transparency, efficiency and honesty in the working of every department. Only then will there be a hope for the much needed good governance in Goa. The Government offices in any smooth functioning democracy must always be of the people, by the people and for the people. Let us hope that every government servant will truly vow towards this goal.  

Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Victimisation of tribal leaders 

The arrest of 83-year-old Fr Stan Swamy is a classic example of our society where we idolise murderers and victimise those who are working for the poor and oppressed. 

Fr Stan is a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest and Jesuits are serving the people of India in the field of education and all over the world. It is inconceivable how a 83 years old priest can be a danger to society in contrast to murder accused political leaders who are changing laws and following the age old principle of might is right. 

Matthew 10:22 says, "You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved". Stay strong Fr Stan, we are with you. 

Matias Lobo, Tivim 

World Goa Day today

Amid the pandemic, Goan communities across the globe will connect at a virtual celebration today October 24, in order to mark the 20th anniversary of ‘World Goa Day’. It is understood that the dawn-to-dusk virtual party based on the theme ‘Reconnecting Goa’ will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

The virtual party will feature Konkani rap, stories of Goans who migrated, Konkani proverbs, cooking shows, songs, both old and new, besides traditional dance and tiatr. It will also feature various aspects of Goan life, culture, history and current affairs. Appeals to protect Goa from environmental degradation will also feature in the programme.

The main aim of the event is to unite Goans and promote a sense of belonging to Goa. However, it must be said that these are not normal times. Several Goans who were making a living by working in various countries and on the ship, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and had to return back home. Most of them have fallen on hard times as they find it difficult to earn a livelihood during the pandemic. The Goan diaspora spread across the globe need to come to the rescue of these returnees who are jobless and extend help in whatever way possible. 

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Lakhs and crores

The uniqueness of the Indian sub-continent is not only the social caste system but it is also the way we count our numbers ie.numerical system in thousands, lakhs and crores.

There was a time not very long ago when we used to mention, at least, the word crore in hushed and wondrous whispers. But not any longer. A lakhpati was once a respected term but today it only invites derision. A crorepati is somewhat awesome but one may ask for how long.

At the way the Indian rupee is losing its value (and by the way, a rupee today is not even worth a paisa of fifty years ago) in purchasing terms but as well as in conversion with currency like dollars. it would appear that we will certainly need a new counting term after crore.

However, it would be advisable if the Government of India took steps to educate the public to use the prevailing numerical system in the rest of the world i.e. thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, etc, that means a comma after every three zeroes.

AC Menezes, Chinchinim

Setting achievable goals

It was reported in the press, document with photographs, that there is garbage piled up and accumulating in some areas of Panjim. This coincides with a proposed drive by the CCP to introduce a 16-phase segregation of dry garbage for the housing complexes in Panjim.

Should not charity begin at home? It is observed that, even in the most scientifically advanced garbage handling countries of the world such as the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, the garbage is segregated in four or five separate bins. Therefore to aim for a 16-phase/bin garbage segregation seems to be absolutely an Alice in Wonderland concept for a nation, a state and a town which did not practise any garbage segregation, even into two phases, dry and wet, until a few years ago.

It would be interesting to survey how many housing complexes have enough open area to accommodate 16 different bins for a 16-phase segregation. Would it appear that it might be more sensible and reasonable to set achievable goals rather than set unachievable goals which are doomed to failure?

Rosario Menezes, Panjim


Iddhar Udhar