18 May 2024  |   05:07am IST

Letter to the editor (18 May 2024)

Chhetri’s retirement hits football community hard

The news of Sunil Chhetri’s retirement has hit the Indian football community hard. As the much admired and treasured Indian captain announced his decision to step away from international football after the FIFA world cup qualification match against Kuwait on June 6, emotions ran high across the country. 

Chhetri was the face of Indian football in a remarkable career spanning over 20 years.  With a legacy that has left an indelible mark on Indian football, the 39-year-old maestro’s journey has been an inspiration to millions, reshaping perceptions of this beautiful game in the nation along the way. Since his debut in 2005, Chhetri has amassed a multitude of accolades, including setting records for the highest number of appearances and goals scored for India. With 94 goals in 150 matches, Sunil Chhetri holds the third position in the list of most international goals, trailing behind only the two superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ranganathan Sivakumar, Chennai

Civilians need to be respected

Two days ago, panic gripped the residents of Panjim and surrounding areas following unexpected loud sound caused b y Sukoi fighter jets of Indian Air Force (IAF) holding  joint exercise with the Indian Navy.

The jets created such terrifying noise that people panicked at midnight and ran out of their homes. 

What the Naval authorities could have done best is they should have informed the public before going ahead with such operation through the media.

When one visits the Naval quarters and their offices in Chicalim and Varunapuri it can be seen that they are strict disciplinarians and will not allow civilians to enter their gate. 

The disciplined force should have also seen to it that nearby residents should have been informed about this exercise rather than sending people on a panic mode.

Raju Ramamurthy, Vasco

Stray dogs turning into nuisance

A woman from Loutolim was reportedly viciously attacked by a pack of stray dogs while out on her routine morning jog on Benaulim beach. In another incident which took place recently, a senior citizen was chased by a pack of dogs while heading back after his morning run. These alarming incidents have left residents and tourists feeling vulnerable and demanding immediate action from the authorities. 

Garbage management plays a pivotal role in making our beaches free from stray dogs. As strange as it may seem, the Department of Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Government of India, reportedly suggested a controversial approach on Social Media to avoid dog bites. The post said “If a growling dog gets close to you, pretend to be a tree. Stand still with your hands at your side. Allow the dog to sniff you and it will usually go away,”. This advice has sparked criticism from Social Media users. Dogs are unpredictable. What if the dog still decides to attack? What if a person is attacked by a pack of dogs? This advice only goes to show the lack of seriousness of the part of the authorities to tackle the stray dog menace.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Courts should get tough with predators

It is with grave shock one has received the news that a Special Court constituted to enquire into cases relating to the Legislators and MPs, has given bail to former Karnataka Minister H D Revanna who was arrested and put in jail just four days before, for abducting a former domestic help at their house who had been allegedly abused sexually by him and raped by his son Prajwal Revanna, the sitting MP of Hassan who is ‘absconding’, to prevent her from testifying against them! 

If such predators are allowed to get bail easily, there is every possibility of them tampering with the evidence against them and also threatening the victims from coming forward to give their true statement on the crime with their money and muscle power.

When there are many who languish in jail for years together for even minor offences committed by them, the courts showing hasty mercy to political heads like Revanna alleged to have committed such a heinous act is really baffling and beyond comprehension. Will it not send a wrong signal to those who indulge in crimes against women?

Tharcius S Fernando, Chennai

Elections: Bedrock  of democracy

Elections are the bedrock of democracy, granting citizens the vital privilege to elect their representatives. It could also be termed as the backbone of democracy, as this is the way through which the citizens of a country could directly participate in framing the government which works for their welfare.

 But however, this right is not passive; it is a duty, especially incumbent upon the youth, to actively engage in the electoral process. Historically, young people have spearheaded societal change, and their involvement in elections is crucial. 

Election can be termed as a decision or opinion making process which is used to elect candidates for a specific position. It plays a pivotal role in a political system especially in a democratic form of government in a country. It is a tool which is used to choose the representatives of public to be sent to the governing bodies.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Voter should have a mature mind

The storyline of many action movies revolves around finding a scapegoat in a villain. They highlight violence as a panacea for getting justice and target a villain instead of targeting the system. Those movies actually play a game that audiences in their childhood used to play. 

A child has been taught from its childhood a game of finding and punishing a scapegoat. The child accepts it as justice. When it hits a wall and starts crying, its parents give a tight slap to the wall. The crying child then starts laughing. 

A childish mindset makes action movies popular and religious polarisation a successful diversionary tactic. Unfortunately, some people believe that all they need is a dictator who will punish the scapegoat and make them happy. A voter needs to attain not only 18 years but also a mature mind. 

Sujit De, Kolkata

Secure heritage buildings in Margao

The famous heritage buildings in the heart of the commercial capital city of Margao are turning into the horror movie film like Purani Haveli and Bhoot Bungla. 

Rains are at the doorstep and the authorities have not taken any interest and responsibility to repair and maintain the Margao Urban Health centre building, Administration of Comunidades building and Margao Municipal Council building. 

Looks like the government doesn’t know the value of these heritage structures. The safety of the public visiting these heritage buildings is also at risk. The Margao MLA and CM on the election day reached Moti Dongor to secure vote banks but failed to secure the heritage buildings. Shame on our system which talks more and acts less in the interest of public safety.

Ronnie D’Souza, Chandor


Iddhar Udhar