28 Feb 2024  |   05:04am IST

Letter to the editor (28 February 2024)

Panjim has been turned into an ugly sick city 

A loaded goods carrier became another  victim of Smart City Project on Monday as it was stuck in a badly filled sewerage pit near Azad Maidan, Panjim.

Well, mishaps like these have become so very common and are been reported almost on a daily basis from the interior parts of Panjim due to the ongoing shoddy works that are being carried out by contractors of the Smart City Project. But the big question is when the government will really wake up and start holding these duffer contractors of the Smart City Project accountable for such mishaps in Goa? 

Well, the contractors who have been assigned with the job of turning the once beautiful Panjim into a smart city have indeed turned the same into one ailing ugly sick city of Goa by continuously  vandalising/digging/damaging almost all the interior roads of the city in the name of laying some underground cables, water/drainage/sewerage pipelines, chambers, etc, and making most of its internal roads look ditto like cemetery graves of some dead people from the same locality. 

Well, after seeing the pace of the Smart City works that is currently going around in the capital city,  it looks like the contractors are really looking out or searching for some buried gold, coal or crude oil underneath the surface of Panjim city like fools in Goa.

I think that the reason why the contractors are currently seen carrying the work of Panjim in a most unprofessional manner/slow-motion is maybe because they must have been told to do so by the Smart godfathers as they desperately want to loot the central funds and enjoy their own 'ache-din' dragging this Smart City work of Panjim for another 5 - 10 years by bulling Goans/Panjimites in Goa. Time for Panjimites to elect some real smart people and not duffers in the next Assembly elections in Goa. God alone save Panjim city. 

Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

Penalise unscrupulous rent-a-car operators  

The latest decision of the Transport Department mandating speed governors on rent-a-car vehicles was long awaited, and it is a welcome move.

However instead of just instructing its ADTs to verify the presence and operation of speed governor during the renewal or issuance of fitness certificates, it would be advisable to conduct in-service checks on these killer vehicles more frequently to check the condition and effectiveness of the equipment.

Numerous dangerous stunts by tourists using rent-a-car in our State have been reported in the media, like driving on the beaches, driving with people sitting on rooftops and bonnets, keeping vehicle doors open while driving on highways, etc, in a seemingly holiday mood. There are also videos of tourists drinking beer by the roadside and entering rent-a-car. It is amply clear that presently the rent-a-car is taken for granted by tourists and continues to be misused and abused repeatedly while it is business as usual for the operators. Lives of innocent people are being put at risk everyday due to rash and negligent driving of these vehicles. This needs to be seriously checked.

Considering the numerous serious road accidents and fatalities involving these killer vehicles in our State, the most recent being the unfortunate accident on the Mandovi Bridge wherein a young man lost his life to drunken driving, it is high time our CM Pramod Sawant takes this grave situation in his stride and make a clear statement on the rent-a-cab services, including revised measures taken or planned by his government to more effectively regulate these services and imposition of heavy penalties for unscrupulous operators and rash and negligent drivers rather than just cancelling their respective licences.

This will serve as a serious caution for the rent-a-cab operators and tourists using this service and hopefully improve traffic discipline and road safety while driving rent-a-cab.

Felino D'Souza, Navelim

Govt quarters should be better maintained

The residential quarters (GPRA) that employees get from the government is to facilitate comfortable living so long as they serve the government in that station. HRA is deducted as a rent for quarters in addition with maintenance/licence fees. 

Moreover, the government is working on improving the living conditions of government employees. The maintenance of the quarters is the responsibility of the government nor PWD so that the quarters will be allotted to the successor. Most residential quarters need repairs and maintenance. Classification of quarters is based on the grade pay.  

Most quarters don't have proper staff to take up regular cleaning in the area. The poor maintenance and deteriorating conditions have led to several staff vacating the flats and moving out of the area.  But most staff are willing to occupy if amenities and conditions are improved in the existing complex.  

K G Vilop, Chorao

National Science Day

Science Day is a significant event that is celebrated globally to mark the anniversary of the discovery of the Raman Effect by the Indian physicist, Sir C V Raman, on February 28, 1928. The day aims to create awareness about the importance of science and its contributions to society.

The theme of Science Day varies each year, but the focus is always on promoting scientific knowledge and encouraging young people to pursue careers in science. Science Day celebrations often involve various events, such as science exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and competitions.

The theme for National Science Day 2024 is 'Science for a Sustainable Future'. This theme underscores the critical role science and technology play in tackling global challenges and creating a more sustainable future for all.

Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai


Idhar Udhar