30 Nov 2023  |   04:15am IST

Letter to the editor (30 November 2023)

IFFI has to be scaled up as an industry

Tuesday it was curtains for the 54th IFFI 2023. Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and the recipient of prestigious Satyajit  Ray lifetime achievement award for excellence in cinema, was thrilled  by the enchanting beauty of Goa that he even pondered of retiring here. Cinema is a great unifier with cross cultural communities embarking on a common platform to show case their talents, skill which transcends borders for a common cause in acting, singing, dancing to rise and perform. 

IFFI being held in Goa for the last 19 years has put it on the world cinema map. Lots more needs to be done in terms of infrastructure like upkeep of dilapidated roads, accident free transport system, world class eateries, upscaling of IT sector as prerequisite in advance cinematography, world class public toilets and washrooms. Night life compatibility with cinema and hospitality industry require fine tuning, control of noise pollution, maintenance of hotel rooms, and hotel services, healthcare, rehearsal theatres are all needed to cater and define cinematic strategies. Also Cinema should generate employment for top actors, and countless others in the  ancillary, and subsidiary sectors of this  multi-billion dollar industry. Script and song writing are multifold with high returns for the right skilled and reputed personnel. Fashion and Costume designers along with tailors are in demand depending upon the varying needs in the long or short drawn out pre-planned sets. Motivation and right guidance has to be imparted to prospective youngsters for acquisition and generation of jobs in cinema.

Ashley Noronha, Fatorda.

Provide transport to employees

The rising cases of road accidents in Goa has shown an alarming trend of deaths and injuries to the public. It is due to bad traffic management by the traffic police and bad road engineering by the PWD (roads) division. We have made progress by reaching the moon by putting in crores of Rupees to help our scientists do research  and exploration on the moon. All safety measures are taken care of. But we don’t have engineers to study our bad roads and the need to research on how to make our roads safe in Goa /India. 

Lives of people does not matter for many governments who have held power. The point raised by GOACAN Coordinator Roland Martins need to be considered and providing transport facility to the workers who work beyond eight hours at normal work should be the responsibility of the company and will be in the interest of the workers and betterment for the company and society and will save precious lives. 

Gregory E D’Souza, Siolim

Curb rising road accidents in Goa

Motor vehicle accidents are on the rise on the city streets. A large number of accidents take place due to lack of motorable space and impediments on the roads, mainly encroached by parking. The road infrastructure available in the city is in its worst condition and even what was available is being unscientifically used. 

The other reason for rising road accident fatalities is due to a largely lax system of issuing driving licences and improper training to learners by driving schools.  People who get licenses have no comprehensive training and don’t know traffic rules.  The inability of agencies concerned to curb the rise in number of road accident is turning to be a concern in the State. The RTO needs to implement changes at the ground level and the process of getting licences should be made stricter.

K G Vilop, Chorao 

Tourist-friendly traffic cops!      

Some days back, I happened to travel from Panjim bus stand to the market. Four tourists, seated behind were on their way to Miramar, were awed by the casino ships and took some photos. Near the Kala Academy bus stop at Campal, we noticed three youth riding triple seat and with IFFI’s delegate card hanging around their necks. The rider was without helmet and with earphones. They had the audacity to stop near two cops and ask the route to some place. A cop patiently guided them with a smile and the youth zoomed off. 

In the meanwhile, a couple of out-station jeeps packed with people and without registration numbers passed the cops. One of the tourists commented that cops in Goa are so-friendly that they did not challan the youth who had broken rules under their noses nor stopped the jeeps. Hearing this a local said, “I wish I was a tourist for they are treated with kids’ gloves. After all guests are like gods and source of income. For the same offences we would have been fined heavily and made to run from post to pillar. Enjoy your vacation.” He alighted at Bal Bhavan stop. I rest my case!

Sridhar D’Iyer, Caranzalem   

Start acting classes at Ravindra Bhavans 

In a bid to rejuvenate the cultural landscape, the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on Tuesday reportedly launched the Ravindra Bhavan Club. This marked a renewed commitment to supporting artistes and fostering the performing arts in the State. It will provide a platform for the realization of creative talents and artistic concepts. The plan is to transform Ravindra Bhavan into a vibrant hub where artists can converge, share ideas and contribute to cultural enhancement. It would be desirable for all Ravindra Bhavans to also hold classes, training and workshops on acting in order to help budding actors achieve their goal. They should hold acting workshops to hone one’s skills and produce talented actors. 

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco 

Ensure safety of children

There seems to be no end to the increasing crimes that are happening against children in a safe State such as Goa. Children’s security seems to be at stake in Goa, as almost everyday we come across cases of crimes making news headlines. However, to avoid further setbacks the authorities concerned should come up with well thought out preventive measures. Moreover, the elders should be vigilant as far as their wards are concerned. Any notorious activity is noticed in the vicinity then it should be dealt on priority basis with severity. 

Furthermore, the teachers should create an awareness amongst the students pertaining to good/bad touch, dealing with strangers or unavoidable situations etc. In addition, the schools across the state ought to have counsellors, wherein the children can share any untoward atrocities they might be facing in the school premises or elsewhere. 

Joseph Savio Desouza, Candolim


Iddhar Udhar