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12 Apr 2017 11:28pm IST
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12 Apr 2017 11:28pm IST

Assault on 

a good doctor

I strongly protest the assault on our beloved Dr. Babu  Redkar. The doyen of family physicians, he is good- mannered, of humble mien, soft-spoken and accessible to  all. He is also a great diagnostician and always up-to- date with recent advances in medical knowledge. He is  admired by his colleagues and adored by his patients.  The unwarranted assault on him deserves strong  condemnation and the culprits must be brought to book.  Dr. Salkar has rightly expressed the anguish of the  entire medical community and the decision to have a  hartal if the perpetrator of this non-bailable crime is  not arrested is laudable.

Dr. Francisco Colaco, Margao

SSCE Maths paper 

It is absolutely right that the SSCE Board decides to  give 3 condonation marks for students who have attempted  to answer the difficult and tricky question in Maths  paper and did not succeed. 

However, I want to place before you the problem of some  students I have met, who after struggling and taking a  lot of time to answer the said question have succeeded  in getting the correct answer but because of time they  have taken on this one tricky question, they did not get  time to complete the question paper inspite of  knowing  how to solve the other questions. 

Is it not right and fair to give another extra 3 marks  besides regular marks to such students who have  succeeded in answering the tricky question? 

Milagrina Fernandes , Assolna

Prevention is 

better than cure

By now, it is a known fact that Bharatiya Janata Party  has mastered the art of carrying their communal agenda  forward in this country in the name of development.  After the massive mandate in 2014 to run the country  given on their assurance of  ‘sabka sath sabka vikas’ ,  it didn’t take long to pursue their communal agenda  throughout the nation. If attacks on churches were not  enough, a total ban on beef throughout the country was  planned. Some from the minority community were even  lynched to death on mere suspicion of possessing the  meat. If that was not enough, a total change in school  textbooks from facts to fiction based on mythology was  in store.  Add to that the growing intolerances in the  country and the curbs on freedom of speeches.

It was only because of our intellectuals and writers,  who massed protested by returning their awards; thereby  gaining the attention of the world to these strange  happenings in our country put some temporary halt in  their plan.

Now with a huge victory in one of our largest state to  the party, the same forces are back to work to carry on  where they had stopped. If before it was love jihad, now  they have invented a new weapon in the form of anti- Romeo to harass people and enforce their sick ideologies  on the nation. 

Prevention is always better than cure and it better to  prevent such forces from carrying their communal agenda  any forward now, before it is too late. Let’s hope  better sense prevails on peace loving people of this  country.

Valent Mascarenhas, Calangute

Are our EVMs 


This is a question that’s been going around a lot these  days. The many videos on the net showing how EVMs can be  tampered with, have set many minds wondering whether our  elections can be rigged.

In 2014, during a mock poll in Assam, a mandatory mock  poll showed votes going only in favour of one political  party regardless of which button was pressed. Recently,  this has occurred again in Bhind, MP, during a  demonstration of the EVMs ahead of the Assembly polls. A  lot of us are not technical people, yet these troubling  thoughts do persist in our minds. Though the Election  Commission insists that the EVMs are tamperproof, such  incidents do cause us to doubt the infallibility of our  EVM machines. 

Also since elections are a very serious business as   they determine who will rule our state or country, the  mandate of the voter must be respected and protected.  Elections results must therefore be fair.

It is pertinent to note that countries like Netherlands,  Ireland, Germany, Italy have banned the use of EVMs as  they believe they lack transparency and can be hacked.  England and France have never used EVMs. Perhaps it is  time for India to go back to the ballot system of  voting, which is the most trusted and reliable system in  the world today. Though tedious, we can be assured the  results are accurate. This is absolutely necessary in a  democracy. 

May Fernandes, Margao

Crackdown on 

matka gambling

It is understood that in a major crackdown on matka  gambling activities, the Goa Police has reportedly  conducted several raids and arrested around 100 persons  in the state. This matka gambling could be just the tip  of the iceberg. This police action appears to have come  a bit too late. Due to inaction of the police over the  years, the menace of matka gambling has spread all over  the state. 

Many people belonging to the poor section of the society  have been caught in the matka dragnet. Matka gambling is  like a poor man’s “On-Shore Casino”. Families have had  to suffer as the head of the family could be spending a  major part of the earnings in matka gambling with the  hope of making a fast buck. Many a times the little  money that is won through this gambling activity is  spent on alcohol. Hence matka gambling and cases of  alcoholism appears to be co-related.

 Even school children could be laying matka bets with  the bookies. The raids on matka dens need to be a  continuous process. A one-off raid will only give rise  to more matka bookies operating from secluded spots. It  is also pertinent to note that several card-gambling  clubs have mushroomed in the state. This card-gambling  activity could be going on throughout the night. Several  youth could be caught in the vice of card-gambling.

 The crackdown on matka gambling needs to be coupled  with raids on card-gambling clubs so that society is set  free from the menace of gambling which has ruined many a  families. It must be said that those who visit the off- shore casinos are the rich people who seem to have a lot  of money to spurge unlike those who indulge in matka and  card gambling.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

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