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13 Apr 2017 11:30pm IST
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13 Apr 2017 11:30pm IST

Beef ban

After getting routed in the just-concluded state elections from Priol constituency the ousted MLA is at it again of arousing communal passions by propagating a beef ban in the state of Goa. 

My request to this rejected politician is to now seek solace in the confines of his house and introspect on his failings as a legislator and as a minister and concentrate on building communal harmony and not to infringe upon people's eating habits. He should also understand that Goa is a touristic place also and beef is a staple diet of most foreigners besides Goans. 

From bars, bikinis to beef a ban on these will sound the death-kneel of tourism in Goa.

Lucas D'Souza, Verna

Rude shock for 


The Catholic population in Goa has received with shock the sad demise of Fr. Lawrence Mascarenhas rector of Cruz dos Milagres church at Old Goa who died of a massive heart attack on the intervening night of April 11-12. 

A very popular priest, Fr. Mascarenhas was responsible for the renovation and restoration of the Cruz dos Milagres church. The dilapidated church was rebuilt and the devotion of the miraculous cross was renewed. ‘Canjie’ was served to the pilgrims in remembrance of St. Joseph Vaz. The St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual Centre was built in close proximity. The feast of the miraculous cross is celebrated every year on February 23.

Everyday scores of people used to stand in queue at the church of Cruz dos Milagres in order to be prayed over by Fr. Mascarenhas.  He formed the Divine Mercy Intercessory Charitable Trust in the year 2004 with the desire to have a Divine Mercy Intercessory Retreat Centre which he has built at Banda in Sindhdurg district in Maharashtra.

 Fr. Mascarenhas will be greatly missed by the thousands of faithful who throng at the Crus dos Milagres Church at Old Goa and the St. Joseph Vaz Retreat Centre. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Minimise food 


Monitoring food portions is not feasible nor is it desirable. Moreover, it could lead to chaotic conditions in hotels and restaurants.  Specifying that a plate should have only 2 prawns or three chicken lollipops is ridiculous to say the least. Besides, appetites differ with age and personal tastes. 

However, I would like to suggest that the centre makes it mandatory  for hotels to quote rates for full and half plates separately for all  food items, and  serve them accordingly. This will minimise wastage to a  large extent  and also prove to be a boon for  poorer patrons.

Robert Castellino, Mumbai

Holding electorate 

accountable is key

Chief Justice of India says hold politicians and political parties accountable for the promises made by them in the manifesto. The idea of holding politicians responsible is understandable but unfortunately voters don't seem to realise that in a democracy the power lies with the people. 

Voters first of all expect bribes from political parties and its candidates. Bribes in the form of cash, goods etc for votes has become a regular electoral process in India. When people sell their vote for cash, why will a politician work for the welfare of the public? When people take undue favours from their elected representatives, will people have guts to question them on unfulfilled promises? 

Look at the recent Goa election. People have elected corrupt and criminals to power. This indicates that people are corrupt and desire to have corrupt government. When people are corrupt how can you expect politicians to be honest? People have made the system corrupt, you can't blame the politicians and political parties. Electorate should know that an elected representative is the servant of the public not a dictator. It is the duty of the legislators to work for the betterment of the society.

 If you want the politicians and political parties to be accountable, first the electoral process and system have to be changed. Mindset of the people have to be changed. If we want a change then the responsibility of change lies with us.

Mary Jayne Pinheiro, Assolna

Plant more trees

Can our Government please take up the issue of planting shady trees along all highways, roads, and in villages and cities in Goa, on a priority basis. 

The recent widening of the Colva road, has left the road ugly and barren. Trees everywhere are being felled down for road widening, development works and housing projects. Our climate is getting extremely hot, and trees would definitely cool down the place, besides reducing air pollution. Will this government take urgent  measures towards restoring the environmental balance by taking up tree planting on a wa -footing throughout Goa, in observance with the existing Supreme Court directives regarding cutting down of trees.

 Maintaining the trees once they are planted also should continue till the trees are mature. It is imperative that we protect and preserve our environment, maintain the natural harmony of nature and reduce the harmful effects of global warming. We must be good stewards of our natural resources and should all work together as responsible citizens, to save Goa and protect our natural heritage.

May Fernandes,  Margao

Means to reduce 


National statistics just released have revealed that every year 15 lakh major accidents occur in India. Of these 1.5 lakh result in fatalities. The reasons given for these accidents are varied. They are due to drunken driving, rash and negligent driving, bad condition of roads, lack of sufficient lighting along the roads, overspeeding, overtaking and unlicenced drivers.

Accidents due to all the above causes can be reduced drastically if stringent measures to rectify each of these causes are implemented. Ten per cent fatalities is a very large proportion and if monitoring of traffic checks on drivers, better illumination of roads, awareness programmes and employing roads signs as well as demarcating accident prone areas are identified immediately. Speed limits and strict tests for issuing licences can reduce fatalities to a great extent.

Stephen Dias, Dona Paula 

Courageous act

A little angel of four years old Artharv Taralkar along with his loving mother Trishna, a doctor with the Navy arrived in the land of sun/sand/beaches of Goa. She must have had lot of dreams for her little son when she arrived in Goa but all of sudden her dreams was shattered when the little boy had a fall from the sixth floor of the apartment due to criminal negligence of building officials. A aluminium grill of his sixth floor building at Dabolim came loose, causing to fall out from the window to instant death.

As a mother of Artharv, Dr Trishna took all the courage instead of going into grief and emotion of losing her four year old son and called her husband posted at Jhansi and then started the procedures of donating son’s Cornea to eye bank after contacting local eye bank authority. Remember this procedure has to complete within little hours after death of person.

Soon after the eye Cornea of little boy was transported to Pune where a patient was waiting for the transplant and hopefully Dr Trishna gave new sight after forgetting all her grief.

In no matter Dr Trishna Taralkar of Naval wing would get back her son once again but her courageous act need facilitation from all section of people of Goa and the Government of Goa are aware of her humanitarian act and would certainly recommend Dr Trishna Taralkar name for National Bravery Award.

Julius Carvalho, Dubai-UAE

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