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14 Apr 2017 12:26am IST
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14 Apr 2017 12:26am IST

Restore Bondvol Lake's sanctity 

Goa is a small state and yet it is well-guarded and beautified by mountains and watered by the rivers and springs to make ir's soil highly fertile for paddy and garden produce.  Kalapur (Santa Cruz) is one of the few villages which is enriched with the variety of its natural and human made resources to make its agricultural activities viable with rainwater harvesting (Tollim and Kondde)

The Portuguese Government on 11-08-1908 had declared the construction of Bondvol lake as a public utility project and contributed for its development a substantial amount as it was envisaged that the said water body shall be an asset to the agriculture and pisciculture.  People of Santa Cruz lately realized the destruction of the public utility lake and has been galvanizing its energy to restore its pristine use. 

It  is an open request to the present Government to fulfil its assurance given during the previous Assembly Session under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar to acquire Bondvol Lake for public utility which was even recognized by the erstwhile Portuguese rule to restore the agricultural activities and pisciculture not only in the Bondvol Lake but also in the vast land starting from Madlak (near temple to Alamacho Khuris (Korgut) and four pillars. 

The issue of the tenancy is not an obstacle to proceed with land acquisition process of Bondvol lake as it is for public utility and Government acquired vast tenanted land for public purpose. 

The issue to whom to pay the compensation is to be determined between landowners Communidade and others and the alleged tenant by the appropriate authority.

The real lovers of Kalapur can come en mass and attend Gram Sabha of V. P. Santa Cruz scheduled on April 16, 2017 at 10.30 a.m. to decide the issue of Bondvol Lake to protect the biodiversity and restore its pristine use and stop any development in and around Bondvol Lake. 

M.A. Fernandes, by email   

Harassment everywhere

There is a sense of harassment all over.. . The elected representatives forget everything after they are elected. They are not ready to  help their electorates after they are elected. 

There is traffic congestion at every nook and corner of the city, no traffic cops are seen to help the congestion but herds of traffic cops are seen at Khareaband to fine the riders for not wearing helmets, this helps them make money. 

Even as the judiciary has/had rolled out several measures like the liquor ban from highways, the government has been a mute bystander and has not done enough to resettle those who lost their employment. There is no solution from the elected representatives. The political party which was shouting for Goa and Goemkarpon has gone for hibernation.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

Great reformation in Goa

It is a great relief to read about the progress in obtaining justice in Bismarque’s case and the ban on late night parties in our precious Goa.   Indeed, we Goans, must fight devious forces that destroy. Our unique culture and identity.   It's high time. People of all faiths should come together and share good cultural activities, enjoy the natural beauty of Goa. 

Preserve our economy, resources and talents for the benefit of all who come to Goa,  most of all Goans, who have abandoned Goa must return and invest their talents in development for their fields etc.   

Viva. Goa let us keep it up together.

Ronald Fernandez, Mapusa

Ad free time slots required

There should be one fixed price for all TV channels -no separate charges for various types -subjects-channels and movie on demand or special separate priced channels etc.

Most irritating is unwanted ads while changing channels and their numbers are too much –if you are a channel hopper –switching from one to another channel in a row you cannot avoid them. These are like spam e-mail or unwanted SMSes etc.  There should be a fixed maximum time slot for ads; and compulsorily there should be some fixed times for no ads on all channels!

Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

Fuel pricing

It is understood that from May 1 petrol and diesel prices will change every day in sync with international rates, much like what happens in most advanced markets. 

State-owned fuel retailers will reportedly launch a pilot for daily price revision in five states and gradually extend it to all over the country. 

If this pricing policy is introduced, then it would obviously mean that the petrol pumps will have to calibrate the fuel dispensing machine accordingly and display the price of fuel every single day or as and when the price of petrol and diesel changes.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Political oppression 

Good Friday is a day of great rejoicing rather than a day of tragedy because God out of his own freewill chose to accept death to atone for the sins of mankind. We see so much of evil threatening to overwhelm us. 

Yet, the love of God reaching its climax in the crucifixion assures us that only goodness and mercy will follow us all through our days. 

The love of Christ comforts us in this world of sin and despair.

 Sadly the political, religious and social atmosphere has never been in favor of the poorest of the poor just as it was in the time of Jesus. 

We regularly witness political oppression which threatens to undermine democracy, where the opinion and wishes of the citizens is never taken into account on any issue. 

Unemployment, price rise, communal polarization, injustice are choking the dreams of the citizens.

  On the religious front the doors of mercy never seem to open for the least of our brethren. Even people like Fr. Bismarque Dias could not find mercy at the doors of those who profess mercy and compassion. 

The social life is also one filled with jealousy, oppression and condemnation, never in favor of the marginalized. The migrants and lower rank people are treated with contempt even though they work tirelessly with all sincerity.

 Christ’s love seen clearly on the Cross promises to resurrect us from all fears, sins and sorrows. 

Let us walk closely with Jesus to build a new order based solely on what Christ has taught us. 

May Christ’s all embracing love fill us with the zeal to love God with all our heart and to love all our brothers and sisters as we tread this vale of tears.

Newton Mendonca, 


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