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15 Apr 2017 12:20am IST
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15 Apr 2017 12:20am IST

Foot in Mouth gaffe

Instead of coming on overall slaughter of animals in Goa, Mr Deepak Dhavalikar of MJP should do a introspect as to why he was sent packing in the recent assembly elections, just because he has a “Foot in Mouth” issue does not mean animal slaughter should be banned in total.

No right minded person consumes cow-meat, nor do the 33% minorities. Mr. Deepak Dhavalikar could do a cross check about this with the slaughter houses, Let’s stop drive politics and start real time governance. 

Camilo D’Souza, Anjuna

Save Kulbhushan Jadhav

The sudden death sentence by a Pakistan military court and its subsequent approval by the Chief of Army to the alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was allegedly arrested in Baluchistan 13 months ago, are confusing if not shocking. According to Pakistani authorities, Jadhav was a prize catch as he was carrying out clandestine activities aimed at creating unrest in Baluchistan to sabotage the ongoing China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. 

 Pakistan’s history of being untrustworthy nation is well known among its neighbour as well as international community and Jadhav’s death case has endorsed this. Irrespective of Jadhav’s arrest in Baluchistan or being kidnapped in Iran for his spy alleged spy activities, he should have been granted the liberty of fair trial by civil court as was done in the case of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who was caught alive by Mumbai police in 2008 while on killing rampage. Worst, Jadhav was denied consular access too.

It seems that after the Uri and Pathankot incidents which eventually led to Pakistan being snubbed by other Asian nations, Islamabad has been waiting for right moment to present its case to United Nations and it pounce on Jadhav as its prey. India must use every diplomatic channel to ensure Jadhav’s release avoid another Sarabjit-like situation.

Gregory Fernandes, Marcel

Emulate Norway

The secret of Norway becoming the happiest country of the world in terms of World Happiness Index, 2017 has aptly been reflected in just one sentence of Arve Johnson, the first managing director of Statoil, Norway's biggest state owned company. "Utilise your resources in the best way for the good of the people, over the long term."

Indeed, Norway has given top priority to human development. It was at the top of the list of Human Development Index in 2015. And again in HDI 2016, Norway remains at the top. Norway shows the way that to make people happy; development should entirely be human centric in the best way possible.

Sujit De, Kolkata

Enough is enough

“Consider Consequences” is what the Indian Government warns Islamabad. But, the sad news is that while the Indian government is warning another country over the death sentence of a fellow Indian, on the other hand the hard headed politicians are encouraging hatred within communities even to the extent of killing people for the transportation of meat. What kind of government is this?

 One such sample is MGP’s Pandurang Dhavalikar who is talking about banning beef in Goa. Does he know what he is up too? If he wants to do good to the community of Goa he has to first show what good he has done in the last 3 years and what his plan is for the future in terms of development. Banning beef is not development but contrary in creating communal disharmony among people. But, if he is hell bent on continuing his hate propaganda than we know what is good for us.

There is already talk of revolution taking shape. I hope it will not have to come to that but with people like Pandurang, Subramaniam and the leader from UP are rats in a peace loving country. Leave Goa and let us live in peace. This is a direct warning to all those who are planning to disrupt our peaceful living in communal harmony. 

John Monteiro, by email

Praying for the priests who serve us

After spending several decades serving the faithful and helping them grow spiritually, a Catholic priest, after retirement, could be spending the evening of his life in loneliness, probably in the old-age home meant for priests. The priests may then be called to the Heavenly abode and probably die a lonely death. A priest could even breathe his last while serving in a parish.

It seems necessary for the Catholic Church in Goa to remember the priest who has passed away either on the day of his death or the day of the funeral. An announcement could be made during the morning mass of the demise of a priest at every parish in the state so that the faithful are able to pray for the soul of the departed priest. By sending e-mails the death of a priest could be made known in various parishes. An announcement could then be made at the morning mass in the respective parish so that the faithful present for the mass are able to pray for the departed soul.

Priests spend their entire priestly life in the company of the people while serving in the various parishes. However, they could be spending a solitary life after retirement. They spend their entire priestly life praying for others. Hence at least after their demise the faithful should be able to pray for the soul of the departed priest. It would thus be desirable that an announcement of the sad demise of a priest be made at every parish in the state.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Food wastage during weddings

Food-wastage should be first prevented in marriage-celebrations and other functions.

It refers to welcome statement of Union Food Minister for government-initiative for imposing some checks on food served in hotels of the country, subsequent to concern expressed by Prime Minister on large-scale wastage of food in the country.

But study reveals that food is largely wasted in marriage-celebrations and other functions where guests make such wastage because they have not to pay for food-items from their personal pockets, while those enjoying lunch-dinner at hotels otherwise are paying from their own pockets. Therefore restrictions are necessary for food served in marriage-celebrations and other functions like was imposed during emergency-era of 1975-77.

Only beverages and snacks that too in some stipulated maximum number of items should be allowed to be served in gatherings of say more than 50 persons. It will also prevent financial burden on parents of bride-to-be who otherwise are compelled to waste money on food being served to groom-side.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

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