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16 Apr 2017 01:29am IST
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16 Apr 2017 01:29am IST

Save life if alive

Leaving aside, caste, creed and religion the sentencing of Kulbushan Jadhav after kidnapping for spying and espionage activities in Kashmir is shocking all over India as it is not even six months since on September 18, 19, 2016 the young Indian Jawans martyred in Uri in Kashmir border sacrificing their lives leaving their families and young once in grief for the sake of Indian Country and making many more futile attacks killing more Indian Jawans to extract India's poor rich. This is deliberate act by Pakistan for sentencing Kulbushan Jadhav retired Indian Navy Officer and the top Research and Analyses Wing Officer who helped India-Kashmir issues. A team of Military Generals Union Defence Minister of India and other authorities concerned should visit Pakistan to negotiate seeking the release of the son of Indian soil if alive and bring him back as Indian Hero.

Luis Carlos Roncon, 

St Cruz

Russian tourists

Just read that Russian tourists don't spend much. No they don't…they come to earn! Hundreds are playing music all over the beaches and restaurants and getting paid for that without having any work permits or anything. And our Goan owners encourage them. You will hardly find any locals playing music in or around the beaches. That's the truth.

Steve Siqueira, Assagao

Service charges in hotels & restaurants

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has reportedly said that service charge does not exist and that it is being wrongly charged in hotels and restaurants. A senior ministry official said that no customer should be forced to pay service charges and if customers want they can pay a tip to the waiter or give their consent to levy the charge in the bill.

It is understood that the government plans to issue an advisory to states asking to crack down against unfair imposition of service charge on food and drink bills.

It may be recalled that in January the department of Consumer Affairs stated that service charge on food bills is not compulsory and a customer can choose to have it waived if not satisfied with the experience. It is understood that there have reportedly been several complaints from consumers that hotels and restaurants are following the practice of charging 5-20 to per cent in lieu of tips which a consumer is forced to pay irrespective of the kind of service provided. This could be done without the consent of the consumer who could also be paying a tip to the waiter.

A government official reportedly said that levying of service charge without seeking customer consent will be considered as unfair trade practice under the Consumer Protection Act 1986. It must be said that the consumer may be unaware that he/she is being made to pay the service charge or the consumer may pay the charge without questioning the hotel or restaurant owner.

It seems necessary for the hotel and restaurant to inform the consumer about the service charge by mentioning it in the menu or putting up a notice on the wall.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco


In recent times, depression has become almost a part of our lives. All the studies conducted also confirm the rise in number of people suffering from it. One of the reasons leading to depression is our constant worrying from day to day.

However, worrying is important aspect of our lives and majority of the successful people worry in order to lead flourishing lives. Yet, we should not let worries dominate our lives so much so that our lives fall into depression. In order to maintain a happy life one should worry but in such a way that it benefits in enriching our lives. So to help achieve it instead of worrying all day, we should allot only 15 minutes of our day to worrying. In that assigned time we can worry about whatever we want to achieve , how we can achieve, what can be done to achieve it, or for that matter anything that is bothering us and how we can if possible deal with it and to leave in God’s hands if not.

We can make a schedule for everyday and choose a time, which is convenient for us instead of worrying all day. It can be early morning once getting up or by taking a long walk during a certain time of the day or in the evening, or late at night before going to bed. In such times, it also helps to seek or renew your spiritual link with God.

Nevertheless, let me leave with one such proverb, ‘God, grant me serenity to accept things that I cannot change, the courage to change things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

Valent Mascarenhas, Calangute

Emotional CJ of India

It is sad to read that Chief Justice of India has to break down in front of Prime Minister. If the recommendations of Law Commissions were accepted in 1987 to have 50 judges for 10,00,000 population, the situation would have been far remarkable then the present scenario of congestion of Court with cases when there is shortage of judges.

The ratio of Judges vis-a-vis with the population is far less than satisfactory. The Government has practically done nothing to have more Courts, more Judges with basic infrastructure. Today, if the Courts are congested it is because the Government failed to pay due attention in Judiciary. In a clogged Judiciary, there will be only quantity but no quality.

Judges must have enough time to go through the entire case and material before them to give a final verdict. There is no question of keeping the Judges late in the evening or to allow them to work on holidays. Life in Judiciary is killing. There should be enough recreation and rest required physically and mentally. This is not the solution of having late evening Courts and the Judges to work on holidays.

What is required is a balanced ratio of Judges vis-a-vis with the population. Because of clogging of Judiciary with cases piling in the Court of Law, the quality of Judgments have drastically suffered and people who can afford prefer Appeals, Revisions, Writs and SLPs. Many Judgments of High Court are even challenged before the Supreme Court of India to have a sound verdict. The Judges should have requisite and ample time to pronounce the verdict, which is completely lacking and for that, the Government is wholly responsible. It is high time to have more Courts; the appointments of Judges should be carried out promptly after going through their antecedents. Better late than never.

J R Serrao, Margao

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