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18 Apr 2017 02:09am IST
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18 Apr 2017 02:09am IST

Goenkar kon?

The recent statement by our U-turn master CM Manohar Parrikar that Goans will not be allowed in the casinos can be termed irresponsible. If the casinos are a bad thing to happen for the Goans then why should it be good to others? Similarly, why is revenue from such gambling not bad for our economy?

The impact of casino gambling if bad for Goans should be equally bad for others too. I wonder how will he be able to distinguish a Goan from a non-Goan? Do Goans have special identity cards issued by his government?

Saturnino Rodrigues, Seraulim

Beef debate

Attempts are made to trivialise the beef debate suggesting there is no beef ban. If coconut tree = grass then beef = cow will be a law soon. What is happening now is just some right-wing supporters jumping the gun in a bid to threaten other communities.

All the 2nd string BJP Leaders in Goa are saying that the comments of S. Subramanian are his personal comments. Parrikar, who was rapped on the knuckles by the former on the Goa Special Status issue, will dare not stand up against him. The former are yet to meet the Swamy.

Goa is a stumbling block to the BJP’s claim that communal harmony is impossible in India and hence the need to drag Goa to the status of the rest of the country. Do we want hooch tragedies and riots in Goa? Black dust over the river banks?

In all this there is string of regular threats being unleashed on Goans; we cannot keep on burying our heads in the ground. Nor can we go on living our lives ‘waiting’ to see what next? Is this the quality of life one wants?

A stern lesson needs to go out to these people for the sake of the whole country; this can be handed out by the voters from the Constituency where Parrikar hopes to get elected. The power lies with them. They need to keep their own diary of the events that have unfolded before their eyes and that are yet to unfold. On D-Day they have to rely on their own data and not on the glib talks of these politicians. The voters of the other minister seeking re-election have to save democracy.

R Fernandes, Margao

Open letter to 

Goa’s CM

May I appeal to you Sir to urgently consider the health rights of Sonshi residents?

Right to good air quality and water. Releasing the jailed parents of children will be fair as they were only fighting for their health rights. We look forward to you Sir for justice. 

Raj Vaidya, Panjim

Imbibing Christian beliefs in governance

The Government of India observed Christmas day as 'Good governance day'. Identification of this particular day was a good decision of the Government that they are connecting with the people of India through Christ teachings and Christian values.

The Bible teaches much more about good governance and has given us clear pattern for good governance to protect the rights of the poor, needy and vulnerable people, to help them to transform their lives, for the government to have principles of justice, righteousness and reconciliation and to hold the leaders accountable to its people.

Good governance is the hallmark of any good government and India's effort to promote good governance on Christmas day is remarkable.

Similarly, the Government has chosen the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti to be observed as 'Digital India day'. Coincidently this was another symbolic day in the liturgical year of Christianity, it being 'Good Friday'.

Good Friday around the globe is celebrated in memory of Christ's passion, crucifixion and death. Jesus became a sacrificial lamb, died on the cross and got resurrected to set us free from sins and to save our souls.

Christian faith teaches us that God is digitally connected with us. He has placed a 'Sim' inside us and wherever we are, we are wirelessly connected with Him, irrespective of what we do good or bad in our thoughts, words and actions. Almighty knows everything.

Therefore it is important to know that all of us are digitally connected with the Lord. 

Mary Jayne Pinheiro, Assolna

BJP makes Goans dry

The liquor trade in Goa has been hit with 3178 Goan owned establishments shut with Goans losing the jobs. Their families will suffer to comply with Supreme Court judgment. Liquor is part of our culture, and the so called Goemkarponn government has not taken any action to save our Goans or to have a case study why we have so many accidents? It’s corruption, no driving licence in Goa was issued on merit basis, no rules required to be followed, it’s all with payments made to “Badwas” outside respective RTO office and nothing has changed still today.

This can be visualised with horn being used very frequently; no vehicle is stopping at pedestrian crossing; haphazard manner overtaking and U-turns; parking with own rules, forget about giving way at roundabouts and intersections, divider line is on books only. The road engineering is with local contracts without basic technical knowledge of curve, road angle, champers, friction. Our footpaths are fall and trip hazard without considering the disabled, the width and thickness of tar is reduced to pay commissions. Our road side police force is blind with notes, they do not see the jammed packed buses nor “No entry signs”, but accepts stops near Grace Church Margao. Their attitude is order as they refuse to change blow tubes in front of every individual during alcohol testing which needs to be challenged. Our law changes with politicians, the learned judge is mistaken to consider drinking is the major cause of accidents, forgetting his own government system is master cause of most accidents. Thus a big attack on common men and our culture, the Congress government brought in overnight ordinance to save resorts at Bambolim beach, the Central BJP government has played a game of ordinance in parliament to run as per their wishes. Who will save original Goans?

 James Moraes, Cuncolim
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